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This course has been designed to expose you to a range of topics that will help you understand the economic, business and sociopolitical diversity of the region. The lectures cover a broad range of subjects. It’s impossible to cover everything in one semester, but the course is designed to raise as many issues as practical in sufficient depth. You are encouraged to focus on the topics that interest you in your assignment. This will enable you to dig deeper and develop useful knowledge and skills that should help you after you graduate.

The objectives of the course are to: 1) Provide a general oven,’IEEE of the business environment and practices in Asia so you can identify areas of interest that you can develop yourself; 2) Increase awareness of cultural difference within Asia and the impact on various business practices; 3) Enable understanding of the role Asian business plays in the world economy 4) Develop your ability to be an effective global leader; 5) Enable you to conduct basic research on topics of your interest.

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Course Schedule Week 1 – 04 Seep: Who would have imagined it? Sais’s rise in the world economy Week 2 – 11 Seep: Business globalization in Asia: East meets West meets BOP Week 3 – 18 Seep: Country study (China): Goes, private firms and investing abroad Week 4 – 25 Seep Country study (Japan): Japanese firms and their business strategies Week 5 – 02 Cot: Country Study (Hong Kong): A manufacturing powerhouse?

Week 6 – 09 Cot: Country study (Korea): Cacheable capitalism goes global Week 7 – 16 Cot: Asian entrepreneurs: From the traditional to social enterprises Week 8 – 23 Cot: Adapting to Asia: Foreign multinationals doing business in the region Week 9 – 30 Novo: Managing risk in Asia l: The environment and labor Week 10 ? 06 Novo: Managing risk in Asia II: Acquisitions and joint ventures Week 11 – 13 Novo: Doing business in a cross ultra environment Week 12 – 20 Novo: Managing CARS: Who’s responsible for being responsible?

Week 13 – 27 Novo: Presentations All readings will be available on the Blackboard. Course requirements AND EVALUATION There are four basic requirements in this course. They include seminar reports, group presentation, and class participation. Individual term paper Individual class participation Group report Group presentation 25% 1. Individual term paper Develop a question related to one of the lectures above and then answer it. For example (from week 5): Will Hong Kong manufacturers with facilities in China still be competitive as wages rise quickly in the PRE?

Developing a question focuses your term paper by forcing you to answer it. There are a few things you need to know: a. Up to five students maximum can work on the same lecture topic, so please let the TA Michael Line know as soon as you pick your topic, as we will operate on a first-come-first-served basis; b. Your question needs to be approved by DRP Frost or TA Michael Line before you begin. C. Paper length should be a minimum of 2,000 words (not including references). You should SE PAP style for referencing (this link provides a good overview) d.

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