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Outline for Completing the Marketing Plan Assignment MUSKET- Strategic Marketing Use this format to plan your research and complete the SLP assignments. Your final paper in module 5 SLP should follow this outline. Note that the letters “a, b, c… ” And the numbers “I, I’, iii, ‘v… ” In the outline below are used to show the major issues you need to include in your paper and you may not use these letters and numbers to organize your paper. I. Cover Page (1 page) a. Marketing plan title b. Course title and number c. Your name and date d.

Name of Instructor e. Executive Summary (2 pages maximum) f. Summary of what plan is designed to achieve g. Summary of key elements of internal environment and external environment analysis (only points that are relevant to understanding the action plan, only the point, not the analysis) h. Summary of primary research (include key conclusion(s) and reference the key data that supports the conclusion(s)). I. Summary of prescribed goals and strategic approach to achieving them. J. Summary of key actions that are outlined. II. Table of Contents (as many pages as needed) Ill.

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Product Statement (2 pages maximum) a. Describe the company/organization b. Provide brief background of the organization c. Describe charge you have for this marketing plan d. Provide a brief overview of what issue you are studying, and how a marketing perspective can help address the issue. ‘V. Situation Analysis (3-6 pages) NOTE: only include sections which are relevant to your charge. The relevance of each section of analysis should be clear to the reader. A. External Environment Analysis I. Context Analysis 0 Industry forces that might impact success of any actions taken lie.

Competitor Analysis 0 Any organization or message which may prevent any actions taken from being successful iii. Technological and Economical situation Analysis ‘v. Political, legal and cultural Analysis b. Customer Environment Analysis I. Customer Analysis c. Internal Environment Analysis I. Company Analysis V. SOOT Analysts (3-6 pages) a. Strengths and Weaknesses(lanterns) I. Strengths it. Weaknesses b. Opportunities and Threats (External) I. Opportunities it. Threats c. SOOT Table VI. Primary Research (3-6 pages) a. Qualitative research I.

Identify that subjects and the research process ii. Identify the purpose of your research 0 What issues did you want to study? Iii. Present the key findings 0 Questions used in this analysis should be included in the appendix. 0 Complete report of each interview should be included in the appendix. ‘v. Present a concise conclusion of what you learned VI’. Issues Analysis (2 pages maximum) a. Given your complete marketing analysis, what are the key issues which the company/organization must understand in order to address the charge that is being considered? I.

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