Smart Phones Should be Allowed in School Assignment

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Why Smart Phones Should be Allowed in School Smart phones are a very reliable piece of technology. More than half of Americans today own a smart phone. A smart phone is a computer in your pocket. In fact, smart phones give you access to the Internet, calculators, games, APS, cameras, and of course the phone, plus other excellent tools. So should students have smart phones in school as well? I think it is not only allowed, but required! The first advantage to the smart phone is of course the communication.

If a student forgets the assignment at home, he can contact his parents to come and deliver it. If the student becomes ill during class, he can contact his parents as well. It is a great tracking tool, for not only students, but for parents as well. There are possibilities that a student is in a dangerous situation, and his/her smart phone can save the student’s life. Not only is it a guardian angel, but it also helps connect with friends.

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If a friend is absent, the student can email or text the friend what’s appending in class and all the homework he/she missed. When used responsibly, smart phones are an excellent communication tool. The second advantage is the power of the smart phone. It is such an excellent learning tool that students can use in class or at home. Now that we have online application stores on our phones like the App Store or Google Play, we can find thousands of different learning tools that fit right into our pocket.

We can use these lolls for math (like calculators or algebra online lesson APS), language (Translator APS, Rosetta Stone, etc. ), and other courses for research. There are thousands of different educational websites on the Internet, and now that we do have the Internet right in our pockets, we need to make a good use of it, instead keeping it in our backpacks. I use my phone for nearly every class I have. I even use it for Orchestra to log in my practice on the Charms Office app. Not only does it help to educate a student, it make them MO

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