Racketeering And Organized Crime Assignment

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The gangs 20 ears ago were seen as an organized crime Organization because they have leadership, rules and regulations. The gangs today do not have the same structures and rules and obedience of the ones previously mentioned. Today’s gangs aren’t about helping the group as a whole but more wanting to help out themselves. Differential association theory is a theory by Sutherland proposing that criminal behavior is a learned behavior that is brought on by values, attitude and interaction with other people and family. Assignment 2

A mafia family is an organized criminal organization that was started in Sicily, Italy. The family was comprised of nothing but pure Italians. The head of the family was considered the Don or Boss. Following him was an undergoes that took care of most of the day-to-day operations along with his Captains. (The most trusted individuals) After them came the street level guys known as soldiers and lieutenants. Criminal factions used the name mafia and made their own I. E. Russian mafia, Japanese mafia (Yakima) and many others.

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The ode of Emerge is a reference to the code of silence that the Italians live by. In southern Italy, where Organized crime and the term Mafia began, the families made a strict rule to never talk to the police or anyone involved with the police. If a person breaks the Emerge Code it is punishable by death. The Pizza Connection was a Mafia-run enterprise that distributed massive quantities of heroin and cocaine in the United States they would launder the cash and move all product out of independently owned pizza parlors ? Hence the name Pizza Connection.

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