Violent crime Assignment

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We always an get the news from television that about the wars from others country’ or protests. Most of the protests and war are derived from political and social stuff. These activities will give a wrong signal to the young generation that if want to own something, we need to fight for it. As a citizen, we must pay attention and give Some action to Stop about this case, so that our country can be more peaceful and harmony. There are a lot of factor that can affect the case of violent crime happen, one of factor that cause the violent crime is influence by friends.

It can be prove through the reaction of the juvenile. Nowadays, most of the juvenile will be more listening to their friend’s command against the advice of parent. If they didn’t listen to their friend, then they will be tease and mocking by their friend. Most of the young generation is sensitive to their reputation. When they are tease by their friend, they can’t afford the temptation and these will cause them to engage in the violent crime case. Furthermore, lack of love from parent and family cause most of the juvenile involved in the case of violent crime.

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This is u to the juvenile that want to attract the attention of their parent to take care of them and give more “love” to them. Due to this, juvenile will start to have negative thinking and did something that can attract the attention of their parent such as bully the weakness one in the school and force schoolmate to give protection fee. As one of the family members, we should learn to care about the feeling of our family members and try to give more enlighten when our family members are in trouble. They are lacking social and emotional learning that they need from their parents.

Afford too much of stress on study also will cause most of the juvenile involved in the case of violent crime. There is no doubt that, the pugnacity of the teacher while teaching will cause the student facing a big stress on study. A lot of assignment that have been given by teacher or lecture also can cause the tension of young generation on study. This will cause the juvenile to do a lot of stuff that are related to violent crime. They will express their feeling by did some stuff like force their schoolmate to give something that valuable like something benefit.

Besides, lack of education from an individual cause the case of violent crime happen. They don’t know either what they did is right or wrong because they didn’t give any instruction from their parent or from school. As a parent and teacher, must take responsibility to handle this situation so that it won’t happen more serious in the coming future. Most of the juvenile will spend most of the time with their parent or stay at the school. So, parent and teacher act an important role on handle the violent crime.

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