Principles Of Business: Production – Establishing a Business Assignment

Principles Of Business: Production – Establishing a Business Assignment Words: 900

The successful completion of this SABA would not have been possible without the assistance of a number of persons. First, I would like to thank Ms. Richardson, my Principles of Business teacher help for aiding me in the construction of this project. Secondly, I want to give thanks to my parents and other family members for supporting me and helping in my endeavourers in completing this assignment. And last but not least thanks to God for giving me the ability to complete this project to the best of my skill.

Introduction Principles Of Business: Production – Establishing a Business By Backbitten This School Based Assessment is based on a business plan tort Take Caste. It is written with the intent to learn what it takes to start a business and to have something to use as a proposal to address potential investors and show the feasibility of the business. Business Description Take Cafe© will be a cafe© where people can come and read and write while enjoying sweet treats and coffee. It will be a sole trader business that sells sweets and beverages made right in the shop, fresh every day.

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The main objectives of this business will be to make 100% profit and to eventually open other branches all the hill satisfying customers and bringing together people who have similar interests and reawakening people’s interest in books. Justification of Location The cafe©’s location will be in Heritage Quay on the board walk. This is the chosen location because of the flow of customers who pass through due to the other businesses in the area and the tourists that come from the cruise ship. This location is in town but away from the traffic congestion; roads, water and electricity will also be easily accessible from the location.

Also it is near the port, making it easier to get stocks from overseas. The lack of competitor cafe©s and the ready supply of possible labor from the surrounding area make this an optimum location. Selection of Appropriate Labor Skilled Employees Barista – At least 2 will be necessary. They will be responsible for the making of quality beverages, handling the customers Assistant baker – At least 3 will be needed. The assistant baker will be responsible for cleaning baking equipment and preparing and organizing products in preparation for the baker Waiter / Waitress – At least 4 will be necessary.

They will be responsible for taking customer orders and delivering hem their meals and beverages in a timely manner, delivering the bill to customers and clearing dirty wares from the tables. Sources of fixed and working capital The business premises, vehicles such as vans that may be used for transport of the product and raw materials, computers that are used, machinery such as ovens, coffee machines, heated display cases, freezers, are fixed capital, all which will be essential to the business but can be used to gain funds through their sale though they most likely would not be sold as they would be vital to the running of the business.

Working capital will be gained first through small business loans from a commercial bank and will later be created through the money made from the sales of the cafe©’s goods as working capital is the variable types to capitol made throughout the course of the business that can be readily converted into monetary funds.

Roles of the Entrepreneur Creating and setting the concept the business will be bases on Providing funding for the business Planning for the establishment of the business Organize resources for business operation Type of Production The business will be involved in the production of the service of providing food and odds to customers as well as an entertaining experience at the cafe©.

Level of Production Production in the business will be on a domestic level, only producing for the local market as it is a more plausible level of production and more fiscally sound. Quality Control Measures Quality control within the business will be maintained through the strict adherence to recipes set for products, the hiring of mostly skilled workers and regular quality checks so as to ensure output of only optimum products and services to the customers.

Use of technology Technology used in the business Internet Point of Sales system Accounting software (Cookbooks) Linkages The business will be involved in linkages with wholesale suppliers or producers of coffee, tea and other such beverages as well as suppliers or producers of fruits or fruit Jams such as local farmers, producers of flour, dairy products and other suck materials needed to produce the goods of the cafe, to create an economic flow locally and to increase possible output and profit.

Potential for Growth Growth within the business will be expected and hopefully the business will have to eventually move to a larger location, purchase more equipment to keep up with reduce demand and if possible, maybe even open other branches across the island. As a business earning money it will be required to be registered and pay taxes such as corporate taxes which are 2% of profits, custom tariffs, license for importations and applying for work permits for any non-national employees and fulfilling payments of Social Security and Medical Benefits for employees.

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