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R. Strategy and planning (None, 2004). Within these concepts the great companies find ways of making this approach fair and consistent. This paper will speak specifically to the ever-changing role of Human Resources (H. R. ) in response to the trends of globalization, technology, diversity, e-business as well as ethics. As companies grow and expand globally, there are many factors that the H. R. Department must focus upon. One major focus in on the selection and recruitment of these oversees assignments.

One estimates it could cost roughly $200,000 – $500,000 per employee due to their cultural fit (None, 2004). So, it is the H. R. Goal to her roles By Ezekiel tint good its tort special assignment, in order to save cost in the long run that could include loss of productivity, relocation and recruitment. Most of the recruits that work best in these situations are employees that have both the skill to do the Job along with the right personality fit. It is H. R. s Job not only to create the Job description, but also find the correct fit through planning and strategy sessions (None, 2004). Just as globalization is constantly changing, so to is the technology field. The technology field has also impacted the H. R. Departments by giving them a few more lolls to use in their repertoire. One new way the H. R. Department can become better is to use surveys that are created on computers to help get first line feedback from their employees (None, 2004). These surveys are most often private and encourage both positive as well as negative feedback.

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The key to success here is to allow honest and detailed information to be entered without recording whom the information was from. This also allows for much more unbiased feedback that the H. R. Departments use to help build their strategies for the following year. As important as technology has played a role in H. R, so to has the need for diversity. Diversity at companies Just twenty years ago seemed to be always on the back burner, until recently. Along with the title Vii, and other laws, this is now a immediate focus for many companies that both small and large.

Diversity according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is known as the condition of being diverse, variety, including many different people with different backgrounds, lifestyles, and races (2005). Knowing this definition, it is obviously part of H. R. ‘s daily routine to try to create an environment that is open to this concept. Some departments choose to cake policies, while others take a more creative role by compensating employees in other ways such as having a work out gym on site, or simply allowing employees to create their own schedule, which allows them to fit into the system better (None, 2004).

As diversity is a top priority for many businesses, e-commerce is evolving to become another priority as businesses are slowly shifting to the Internet. E- commerce is much different than any other section of H. R. Because it is done over the Internet. There is still however some basic approaches to take in order to make sure there is fair and consistent with the current labor laws. E-business is Just beginning and as this business grows, so to will the changes that will be endured.

E-business is an avenue that will continue to increase as the world heads toward technology phase, however one thing that will not change is ethics. Ethics according to the author of “The fundamentals of Human Resources”, is simply the fundamentals of what is “right” or “wrong” according to the policies that have been set forth at your organization. It often easy to take the easy road and make unethical decisions that will both benefit you and your customers, however, it takes a much more powerful deader to lead by example and make decisions that are solely based on what is right.

We have all heard of the business such as Enron, and hopefully have learned from them that at what ever cost you choose to make an ethical approach, it will come back to haunt you sooner than later. As Human Resources continues to expand and grow, so to will the everyday scenarios. One great way to ensure that you are managing your approach correctly is to continue to remember the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to ensure employee relations by setting forth a strategy that is both fair and ethical. This plan also is in line with your companies overall strategies.

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