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What are the five stages of film making and what is the producers major creative and commercial tasks in each of those? Development The development stage is one of the most crucial stages for a producer, it is where you get the chance to plan every aspect of your production before you begin pre-production and production. The chance to get the ball rolling right.

During the discovery stage of the film it is the producers role to obtained rights or an option to a film that he thinks is promising if the rights owner is worried that their novel might be tainted by a film maker the producer must mom to a legal agreement to maintain a certain set of standards concerning film director, cast and art department. Pre-production Producers role is to meet with all other heads of department to discuss direction of film, intent, budget and other relevant items needed before any production is to start.

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Legal documentation, planning, hiring, actors, art department. It is the producers role to helm all the creative people involved in the production as well as give some creative input. Financially it is the producers role to organism financing for the film whether that be through loans, offsets, co production, investors. The producer must discuss with all heads of department information gathered during development phases. Production The producers role during production is to organism all departments into a functioning crew.

The producer may often not be on set personally whilst much of the principal photography is going on, thus they will appoint executive producers, line producers and associate producers to oversee their interests during production. Post production The producer has final say in the edit and sound used for the film, what scenes are shown and ultimately whether or not more footage will need to be hot after principal photography. For example, they might want an alternate ending. Distribution Distribution is the second of the most important stages of the production process.

Distribution is where you get to create an audience for your film! As a producer your goal is to obviously have people watch your production and the distribution phase is where the producer gets to plan marketing objectives and then distribution objectives. This is the most rewarding stage of the process but also the most difficult for many considering our media overloaded world. What is meant by Genre, Auteur and Miss-En-Scene”. Give examples of three different feature film genres and the major elements that define each particular genre, as well as some specific examples of the genre.

Also give an example of an auteur, including examples of his/her films. Give an example of two completely different miss-en-scenes for a simple dialogue scene between two people having an argument about their relationship. The basics for the genre is drama, or the type of it. In feature films there are many types of genre, for example action, horror, romance, sic-if, comedy. Essentially drama is telling you what the film will be loosely based around. Action – Action scenes where there is intense action!!

Guns, Cars, Stunts, Explosions Romance – Often a story about a romantic encounter, relationships, sex Comedy- Often a story with comedic elements – intended for the audience to enjoy themselves and laugh An auteur is a filmmaker who’s pieces of work are distinctive in terms of the cast, locale, theme and visual style and is therefore considered an author of their work. One of my favorite authors is Bag Lurching who’s first three productions are said to be the red curtain trilogy in which each of the three films has similarities.

Each film establishes their story through a established thematic device, Dancing from Strictly Ballroom, poetry from Romeo and Juliet and music in Million Rogue. Each film also has a plot which is based Off a well known story or myth. And there is a theatre motif which appears throughout all the films. What are the various contracts and other documents a Producer is responsible for when producing a feature film? There is quite a lot of documentation and contracts that go along with a film production, all of which a producer is responsible for.

Contracts and agreements range from; assignment of copyright, production and investment agreements, film producers indemnity, multi-risks insurance, safety reports, Production agreement, non-disclosure agreements, post production deals, facilities deals. Chain of Title Assignment of Copyright The assignments of rights from the original artist to the producer, therefore the producer is now able to reproduce the work. The chain of title in film is a set of documentation that establishes the producers right to create and market the film. Typically includes, scriptwriters agreements, development agreements option agreements and rights assignments.

Buyout A re-assignment to the producer from a development investor acting on behalf of the copyright owner in a project on repayment of the development investment plus interest. Option A purchase of time for a film to develop the work. Producers typically take out options on a work for a specific time and fee. This gives them the exclusive right to develop and finance the film. M Producers indemnity Insurance which provides financial compensation for the films budget in case of the production going over budget because of death, injury or illness. Multi-risks insurance

Insurance that provides compensation if any production equipment is damaged during principal photography What are the various financial SOUrces for an Australian Film? Explain what each one is Screen Australia Screen Queensland Producer Offset This is a grant given by the government to the production after completion of the film – some films use this money for the budget as they can rely on it after completion or it helps to achieve a film that will do better in distribution.

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