Twin towers Assignment

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It was a normal sun-lit day, the colorful birds chirping in the blue sky. I got dressed and kissed my wife goodbye and left for work. As I was walking to work, I stopped at my favorite coffee shop and brought a piping hot coffee then carried on my way to work. It was a sunny day, the road was quite. Oh I wished I had woke up early to wave goodbye to my son as he went to school as, times running out, he will 15 on the weekend. By the time I was near work, New York had woken up and entered the streets. The diving between the people was mayhem.

I finally I got to work, at the twin towers, walking up the stairs to the 94th floor. To get today’s assignments; Bumping into my boss on the way up. It wasn’t until I had Just sat down I had caught something in the corner of my eye but the moment I looked at the object it was too late, a huge, snow white plane has heading straight for the tower. I ran raising all alarms for the soon impact but they already knew. About half of the workers on 94th floor had got to safety before it hit straight through the 86th floor, setting alight everything in its path.

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All you could see was evil reds of the murderous fires. At this point my life stopped, my work was no more and I was trapped in a burning building about to die, then I heard a scream coming from the window. New York rush hour had stopped dead. I tried to get someone’s attention. However they see a white flag waving, undermined from the red sea across the building. The screams from the worker on fire or trapped filled the streets. If there is a god why doesn’t he help me? I have been a good person and I have a life in front of me. By the looks of it god is misusing me for something but for what!

He alarms have stopped ringing so this means everyone able to leave the building is out and safe, I Just hope they can help us too. Wait! But there is another plane coming but its heading to the second twin tower. Please god show me a way to live this horrible nightmare. What’s that, it’s my wife she want me to Jump. If I Jump I will die before they can catch me. However it is better than burning to death up here. But should I end my life, there is always of survival from burns. Maybe they are right it’s been 4 hours, there not trying to save SE.

I’m going to Jump to save my life, sounds weird but here goes. Oh my darling son I will always be with you no matter what. As I fall to my death the tower collapsed. The tears in the eyes of families and friends as they watch is horrible day continue. All I can do is pray for the well-being of my family, I wish the best future for him and hopes will never forget me and for my beautiful wife I will be there for you though the bad and the good times and I hope you find love in the future. My times up and I must leave this world but will never forget it. Twin towers By unaided

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