Powerpoint Presentation Assignment

Powerpoint Presentation Assignment Words: 1200

Since the beginning of college, I have learned many ways that will change my life for a lifetime. I have deeper knowledge on how to help improve my ways and make the most out of what I have learned while attending my classes. Axia offers many aspects to help students learn in a variety of different ways that makes this very resourceful. Using Axia’s educational resources are easy, fast, and enjoying. The option to download materials from a computer to a portable device, such as, cell phones, PDAs, mp3 players, etc… This helps make it more convenient for their students to study for an assignment conveniently while traveling.

Even for the very hectic and eventful lifestyles. The University library is another useful feature that helps students, by providing an abundance of important resources, definitions, and this also helps identify key information in articles, which is extremely important for use toward assignments as well as everyday extravaganzas and within the workplace. Not only does this provide information on articles; one can also browse student labs, The Center of Writing Excellence, The Center for Mathematics Excellence, and Element K Tutorials.

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All students have access to these for improvement on skills and knowledge while they attend regular classes. Threading and organization of materials and sources conduct easy research strategies for students attending College. A student has the opportunity to look at a variety of facts on any material within the library. Unlimited information that is useful and important can all be accessed by students day or night. Upholding Academic Honesty recognizes the importance of the academic policy.

Students learn the importance of properly citing material, plagiarism, fabricating, copyright infringement, collusion, and self plagiarism. Recognizing these words and their meanings will help determine the importance of how and when to use the word. Students acquiring no knowledge of the importance of use on some words could result in outcomes that are unpleasant. For an example; Plagiarism, this is a common mistake that is made by many people without knowing that they are doing it. Circumstances’ resulting in plagiarism could result to jail time and law-suits depending on how much action the other party wants to pursue.

Developing knowledge on how to avoid this situation for future reference is very useful and life-saving. The Center for Writing Excellence provides a plagiarism checker that checks papers for any copying. This tool searches the internet for any related material that a student may have copied to quickly and easily do an assignment. A student who is found plagiarizing could receive a zero grade from that assignment, the school may terminate the student, or further consequences could be taken depending on the situation. This should be taken very seriously.

As well as the plagiarism checker, The Center for Writing Excellence offers a place to submit an assignment through Write point for review. This tool helps students determine the mistakes within the paper, such as, grammar and spelling as well as the importance on omitting the first and second persons words. Setting and achieving goals helps individuals achieve their goals for long and short-term accomplishments. This enables students to set a guideline for themselves to ensure a specific time or date to meet their goals.

Acquiring a plan set for future reference can help overcome obstacles that may become a roadblock, and this will eliminate failure to one. Making short-term goals to provide for the long-term accomplishment will help ease deadlines. During this process an individual should keep in mind to set realistic goals within reasonable limits they know they could accomplish by leading down the right path. This is an important step for anyone and everyone who wants to have a successful life. Goals can be set for everyday tasks to every year tasks.

A student who sets long-term goals to finish and graduate Axia College, will end up setting a group of short-term goals to help them succeed without stressing themselves over this. Managing time wisely is a very important factor one needs knowledge on. Between juggling school, work, family, and other daily activities it can be hard and time-consuming. An individual who constructs a schedule and prioritizes importance to less importance will be able to plan their time wisely. For instance, keeping a calendar to record what assignments are due on what specific day will map days a student may have time to catch up on material, if any.

Doing this will eliminate late assignments by overlooking them. If a student sets a special time frame for just College time on an everyday basis this will help ensure that assignments will be complete and submitted as scheduled. Making College the number one priority will help an individual compromise on what is important and what can be done at a later date, Using SQ3R and other study habits are helpful and important in Axia College students. The SQ3R is an outline to help students understand and comprehend what an article they are reading is about.

Anyone can read an article but most will not understand what it is representing. Students who don’t understand will receive poor grades rather than a student who was able to comprehend the material. Other study habits are a plus, too. Time set aside from everything else is a perfect time for studying. Taking notes, reading a paragraph more than once, highlighting dates and times, researching a topic deeper to have a clear understanding of it, and asking questions as going along will help give a student more insight and comprehension on the material.

Students who tend to use this way of method become faster readers and writers because they can grasp the information from an article more rapidly and easier. Applying my personality and learning styles will not only benefit another individual, but it will benefit myself as well. A giver is my personality type. With my generosity and able to understand peoples thoughts and feelings, I try to find ways to help someone out as much as I can.

This will be helpful through distance learning because exchanging ideas with other students will entice insight from a different source that mixes with my insight on subjects and helps me acquire a variety of informational concepts. Acquiring insight from a variety of sources is very useful because it expands thoughts and ideas on a subject in which an individual may succeed from and obtain more knowledge. Being able to relate to others personality types and intelligences are important to understand because this will help an individual understand why and how he or she has insight on a subject different from theirs.

Taking one’s thoughts and ideas in consideration helps a mind grow and become wiser in many areas. Always remember before submitting any assignments, check to make sure there are no grammar mistakes, spelling and punctuations are correct, the topic is clear, and work supports the topic. The most important fact to remember is, always, be sure to provide the original author of the resource or a Web link indicating where the information was received from.

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