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Axia College Material Appendix C Courtroom Participants Directions Review pp. 216-35 in The Courts in Our Criminal Justice System. Identify five courtroom participants listed in the text between pp. 216-35. Then, describe each courtroom participant’s role you chose. Each response must be about 30 words in length. Then, select examples from fictional portrayals of the courtroom found in books, movies, and television, for example, The Runaway Jury, A Few Good Men, or Law and Order to make a comparison between reality and fiction.

Choose two of the five courtroom participants you described and compare their fictional portrayal to their real-life role in the courtroom. Be sure to cite specific examples of how media portrayals of courtroom participants are accurate or inaccurate. Use the Court TV Web site at HYPERLINK “http://www. courttv. com/home_primetime/index. html” http://www. courttv. com/home_primetime/index. html to help your research. Your response must be 100 to 150 words in length Post this assignment as an attachment. Identify the Courtroom Participant |Describe the role of the courtroom participant in the courtroom| | |process (about 30 words in length) | |The Court Room Spectator |THe role of of the Court Room spectator includes the the | | |illustration of the public accountability of the courts in the| | |community and they serve as the courtroom observers, casual | | |watchers, members of the media or the strong stake of the | | |outcome of proceedings, there perceptions in the courtroom | |2.

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Balliffs |The role of the bailiffs role in the court room would be the | | |assisting of the judge, magistrate in performing duties such as| | |providing of security, the maintaing of order in the court | | |room, restraining of out of control, disruptive, aggressive or| | |persons threatening to others, people who try to escape or | | |victims of crimes, escorting of the defendant | |3.

Court administrator |The court administrators and staff are key players in the | | |courtroom and perform many duties such as creation of | | |statistical reports issued from the court,, documenting and | | |filing of court dockets, administrative support for the judges,| | |interact with the public and the media, schedule training for | | |court room staff which includes the judges. | |4.

Court Reporters |The role of the Court Reporters role in the courtroom includes | | |the role of documenting everything that is said during a trail,| | |the transcription of every word said in the trail and every | | |movement made such as the defendant nodding there there head in| | |response to yes or no questions. | |5. witnesses |the role of the witnesses role in courtroom is the providing of| | |proof and evidence from there testimony, under oath the witness| | |provides the court with a detailed description of what they | | |witnessed or experienced. | Courtroom Participants: versus Reality

Type your response here. 1) The Court reporters are well known for there appearance in court room docudramas for there role of keeping record of everything said and every action or movement made, the court reporters in docudramas such as Court Tv television shows are type writers with twenty two keys and they had to type in shorthand, today the court reporters of todays courtrooms use computerized stenotypes which automatically translate the shorthand information into standard English, which the stenotypes that are used in docudramas such as peoples court do not have that luxury and they have to translate there. shorthand on their own. ) The role of the court room spectators in courtroom proceedings vary in depth and demanding and they represent professional choices and responsibilities, were in court room dramas the role and responsibilities of the court room spectators are not chosen they just play there role in court room dramas such as the courtroom television show Peoples Court were they act out there parts and role in the courtroom, in real life courtrooms there is no acting or playing the role of courtroom spectators or any other member of the court room the role of the spectators in real life courtrooms are serious and they represent an important, professional role and have to have professional and very important responsibilities in the court room and in court drama shows they might play these same roles but they are not as serious as they are in real life courtrooms. References Peoples Court retrieved January, 14,2010 from Peoples Court website http://www. peoplescourt. com Court Tv retrieved January 14,2010 from Court Tv websitcourttv. com/home prime time /index. htm http:www.

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