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Taking classes to help me understand what I need to do to become a leader. ; Reading the necessary Information to help me gain the knowledge of understanding on how to be a good leader. ; And getting the hands on approach while working in an organization to get a better knowledge on how the leadership position is supposed is supposed to be managed. 2 Information Needed to Become a Good Leader Being a great listener Being honest Being a team player

Learning from the mistakes that are made Being a great motivator Being confident Be a role model to others Having an optimistic attitude 3 Being a Woman (Partner) Owning a Small ; I need to finish school in order to fully understand the functions of how to run a small business. ; My husband is my backbone. He helped me to understand on what is needed to run a business and the proper way that a business should be ran. ; My focus was more on raising a family instead of running a couple of small businesses. ; Balancing a work, family and a small business is something that women do. Women leave corporate Jobs everyday to run a small business so that they can spend more time with their families. 4 Leadership Development Plan Mission Statement To get too point in my life where I am able to run the businesses that I and my husband own together. 5 Current Position Executive Assistant Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation Strengths Able to comprehend the work that needs to be done. Weaknesses Unless I am given a time frame for when the assignment needs to be done, I take my time. I learn very quickly. From time to time I tend to overlook things.

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Knowledgeable on computer software. On matters of my position at the organization, I tend to push it to the side instead of speaking up on the issues at hand. I will not stop doing the work until I know that it is done correctly. Helpful towards others. Good listener. Team player. 6 (Based on Feedback Received from Colleagues) Fast learner. Works well with others. Can get frustrated (even though I agree with her). Takes things to heart. Can prioritize. Afraid to stand up and be heard. Volunteers to help out when needed. 7 Short-Term Goals What? Why? Getting my MBA.

So that I am able to gain the knowledge n how to run our businesses correctly. Graduating from Keller Graduate Business School of Management. To collect my MBA and get that feeling of accomplishment. Switching to another cell phone carrier. Because our cell phone bill is so expensive for having Just two lines. Becoming a full-time permanent employee at the organization that I currently work for. Because I am a temporary worker at the organization that I am currently working 8 Long-Term Goals Buying a home. So that we can give our daughter a better life and room to run around.

Clearing my credit. So that I can get my credit score to a place here my credit can work for me, instead of me working for my credit. Buying a car. To get around when we move to Connecticut. Getting a lot of clients for our businesses. That way we are able to gain the clientele needed for us to hire employees to keep the businesses making money and we will not have to always be in the office. Because we had gotten married at City Hall and would like to have a small ceremony at our new home with our family and closest friends. Having a baby. We would like to extend our family.

My husband does not have any children of his own and we would like to have one together. Plan of Action How? Finish school. I will finish school by attending my classes and doing the necessary work for me to keep getting As in my classes. Switching cell phone carriers. By comparing each cell phone carrier company prices to find the lowest carrier that offers what we are looking for. Saving up enough money for a down payment on a home. Getting clients for our business. By attending functions with other business people and advertising the companies that we own. Renewing our wedding vows. By having a ceremony with our family and the home). 0 Plan of Action Count… By paying off the bills that I have on my credit that is holding me back from receiving a good credit score. I don’t think I need to explain how we will have the baby. But I can tell you that we will plan this after we purchase our home. By saving up enough money to buy the car outright or at least put enough money down to have our payments low. Permanent full-time employee. By showing up on time everyday and being an upstanding employee.

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