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1. Jumps in and does his/her share of the work. 2. Delivers clear and articulate presentations. 3. Treats clients/customers with respect. 4. Works effectively with Internal clients/customers. 5. Looks for ways to continuously Improve service to clients/customers. . Works to create a clear and motivating vision. 7. Follows through with tasks and assignments. 8. Works toward win/win outcomes. 9. Composes well-written reports and emails. 10. Exhibits sincere interest In the aspirations of others. Discovery 360 highest result categories Customer Service Communication Collaboration Integrity and Trust Barriers Part of developmental awareness is recognizing the areas that are not my strong points or are not my leadership style. It is important to recognize and acknowledge these so that they can be addressed when appropriate.

I may need to consciously engage in a deferent style when necessary, or make sure a colleague is filling that role in different situations. Some of my barriers were revealed In the different self- lower scores in the categories of Conflict and Negotiation, Developing and Mentoring, and Change. The Personal Leadership Style Gap Analysis showed that my leadership style was farthest from Coercive and Authoritative. In the Thomas-Gillian Conflict Mode Instrument, my lowest scores were in Competing and Collaborating, both of which are high assertive behaviors. Discovery 360 Ten Lowest Scoring Items (1 is sights, 10 is lowest) 1.

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Displays an understanding of the purpose and mission of the organization. 2. Demonstrates tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty. 3. Strives for self-awareness of his or her leadership effectiveness. 4. Encourages cross-functional training. 5. Effectively makes the argument for change to those who are uncertain. 6. Is willing to make decisions with limited information when necessary. 7. Accurately assesses the strengths and developmental needs of others. 8. Is willing to challenge the status quo. 9. Is willing to challenge others regardless of their status. 0.

Assigns challenging assignments and tasks to others. Personal Objectives (Goals) 1 . Expand leadership opportunities in current position;pursue Job reclassification. Upon rereading my Job description at my manager’s request, it is apparent that the activities that I regularly work on are outside of my current class description of a public health educator 2. To expand my leadership opportunities in my current position, I plan to pursue Job reclassification with the following steps: a. Research appropriate level to pursue for Job reclassification (March 2014;completed) b.

Talk o manager about collecting POP 3 Job descriptions (April 2014;completed) c. Revise current position description to reflect actual Job responsibilities using language from POP 3 Job descriptions (April-May 2014) d. Review revised position description with manager and incorporate manager’s suggestions (April-May 2014) e. Identify appropriate contact for sending recalls request with help of manager (April-May 2014) f. Send recalls request with manager’s support (May 2014) g. Identify and speak to others who have successfully recessed Jobs (May 2014) h. Complete recalls Lully-August 2014) 2.

Enhance project management skills. A. Work with Research and Evaluation team manager to do a process evaluation of my leadership project;lamentation of the new process for claiming medicinal exemptions to Oregon school immunization requirements (May-June 2014) b. Identify areas of strengths and areas of improvement in my project management skills from this process evaluation (May-June 2014) c. Work with two in house colleagues (research and evaluation manager and CDC fellow) who have good project management skills to identify good practices in both project management and time management Lully 2014) d.

Look for training opportunities in project management Lully 2014) e. Participate in project management training (2014 or 2015) f. Practice skills in project management and identify methods that work for me (through 201 5) because more interested in this process. It’s a useful tool in both professional and personal conflict situations) a. Finish reading Getting to Yes (April 2014) b. Identify when different behaviors such as assertiveness and competing or collaborating methods of dealing with conflict are needed (April 2014) c. Identify places in my Job where I can practice skills in conflict and negotiation (through 201 5) .

Use skills in conflict and negotiation to improve performance and outcomes of myself and my team in SONS activities (through 201 5) Personal Monitoring (Assessment) Since October 2013, Vive had approximately monthly half-hour meetings with my manager to talk about my professional development, the Leadership Institute, and future goals and opportunities. I will have a new manager after April 2014, I will plan on continuing these meetings. At annual performance reviews, I plan to revisit and update both my Employee Development Plan, and this Personal Development Leadership Plan.

Resources (what is needed) Trainings and certificate programs;project management Mentor;look for POP 3 or above Books to read: Getting to Yes;Roger Fisher, William Jury and Bruce Patton Immunity to Change;Robert Egan and Lisa Alaska Allah The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World;Ronald Heifers, Alexander Growths, and Marty Links Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity;David Allen The Four Agreements;Don Miguel Uric Timeline Vive incorporated some of my Personal Leadership Development Plan goals and implies into my Employee Development Plan.

Next week (4/21/14), I have a review with my manager, and I will then update this plan with her suggestions. I intend to review this Personal Leadership Development Plan regularly, when I have check-ins and reviews of my Employee Development Plan, and I will update the timeline described throughout these plans accordingly. Appendix A: Incorporation of PLED goals into Employee Development Plan Center for Public Health Practice Immunization Program Employee name: Department/division/section: AHA/PHD/CHAP/MIM Work unit/office: Class number and title:

Public Health Educator 2 Goals for successful performance in current position: Professional development goals (one to three years). What do you want to achieve in the next 1-3 years: –improve media communication skills –Enrich presentations –improve proficiency in SONS role –Enhance skills in conflict negotiation –Attend a professional conference and do a poster or presentation –Receive training in project management –Revise position description and seek reclassification Actions I need to take to achieve my goals: Proposed dates: What do you need to do this year to work toward your goals (training, assignments, projects, details, etc. ? 1 . Research ways to enhance Powering presentations and creative presentation delivery methods. 2. Prepared for next SONS exercise with Kristin/Shelby and observe Shelby. 3. Continue Lean project for validation survey process with the School Law Team. 4. Review other position descriptions; explore the process for reclassification 5. Look for training opportunities in project management 6. Read “Getting to Yes” about dealing with conflict and principled negotiation 7. Complete Leadership Institute 9/30/14 12/31/14 7/31/14 10/31/14 3/14

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