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This is a problem-solution speech which means you must present a problem. Discuss it, and provide a solution in the speech. Use the topic you proposed in your topic proposal and researched for your annotated bibliography assignment. However. F you feel the topic you used for those assignment doesn’t work, you can choose another, A tulle range tot topics are available to you, but whatever you choose, make sure it is something that is within your personal range of interests and can be made interesting to your audience, In addition, make sure the topic is something for which you have enthusiasm and some knowledge. If you are having trouble thinking of a topic, try looking through these sites: pro/Con: http://www. Procom. Org/ Balanced Politics: http://www. Valediction’s. Org/ 2.

This speech should be 6-8 minutes in length. You will deliver the speech extemporaneously, to a gathered audience. You should plan to use either 3″x ‘ or 6″ index cards as a guide while your speak. However. You should not write out ere entire speech and read it word for word. Make the best use Of your professional space, and use a PODIUM or other professional speaking aid. If desired. Additionally. You Will be readied to Cite your sources Of cite sources within a presentation. 3. Audience: You will be required to gather an audience of three to five people.

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Pets, stuffed animals. And children will not count as a gathered audience. Arrange your speaking space in advance so oh capture the interaction and adaptation to your audience. In other words, please record your speech so we see you and your audience throughout the entire presentation, It is perfectly okay if all we see are the backs tot their heads; we will still be able to witness your interaction with your audience.

Secure a tripod for a steady recording tot your presentation. And use a microphone if you need audio support. If you need to have someone else hold the recording device, make sure that person does not move around or make any extra noise. 4. Visual Aids: You Will be required to present a visual aid Within this speech. One pecker point slide or word document (that is clearly visible to the audience and to me) depicting an important piece of information would be an example of an appropriate visual aid.

However, they are not your only options, Please consult the document entitled, “Persuasive Speeches and Sample Feedback” for an example of how a visual aid can be used within a speech. 5. Outline: You will create a formal preparation outline tort this speech (an outline worksheet is provided in DEL). You must submit the outline in the Dropped BEFORE you upload your video to Youth. Remember, everything is time stamped in DEL and on Youth. The outline must be constructed using complete sentences. Please consult the document entitled “Persuasive Speech Sample Outline” ROR an example of how to create the outline for this assignment.

The outline MALLS include a reference page (bibliography) that is properly formatted in PAP 6th Edition Style (See the Library Resources for information about PAP style), Use the sources you found while preparing your Annotated Bibliography Assignment, Keep these things in mind while preparing your presentation: Purpose Why are you talking about this subject to this group Of people at this time and in this place? What “II be accomplished as a result Of this endeavor? What are your ethical obligations to this subject and this audience? Are you a good person speaking well? Supporting Materials What background materials have you selected to provide context for your speech? What types of verbal and visual evidence have you selected to support your thesis? Why? Have you evaluated the credibility of your evidence? Organ action How have you arranged the supporting material to interest and involve this audience? HOW have you created a strategic argument? Delivery & Rehearsal Have you developed a relationship with this speech? How do you plan to use your voice and body to make this speech effective? What is your rehearsal schedule?

References and Works cited Cite all works according to PAP style guidelines (the text in red does not need to be included in your outline) Name: Speech Title: The High Cost of Medication: How We Can Help Ourselves Speech Topic: Prescription Drug Cost for Seniors Specific Purpose: TO persuade the audience to act to solve this problem Proposition Statement: The United States Congress should pass legislation to reduce the cost of prescription medication for Americans age 65 and older. This is a question Of policy,) Introduction (Attention Step) l.

Most elderly Americans live on fixed incomes and have to pay the entire cost of prescription medication. II. Many government reports and independent experts have indicated the costs for prescriptions Will only increase. Ill. The United States Congress should pass legislation to reduce the cost of prescription medication for American age 65 and older. (Proposition or Thesis statement) IV. There are several harms With the current Situation; however, there are solutions to help seniors With this problem. Body I. Older Americans are paying an alarming amount Of money for medications. (Need Step) A.

The cost of prescription medication is rising rapidly. B. Medicaid and Medicare do not cover the cost of prescriptions when in the “doughnut hole’. II. Elderly Americans are torched to make choices in order to pay for prescriptions. (Need Step) A. Some elderly people cannot afford to buy find. Older Americans will cut dosages in half to save money. Ill. Legislative action is necessary to help alleviate these increasing costs for the elderly. (Satisfaction Step; Satisfy a need through a solution) A. Medicare coverage must be expanded. S. The government must pass legislation that monitors drug prices.

C. Lobbyists must work with pharmaceutical companies to bring prices under control. W _ The plan will work for a number of reasons. (Visualization Step) A. Existing plans are easily expanded. B. Tighter government regulation will ensure a fair cost for a product. C. Lobbyists can coordinate efforts between the legislative and private sector. Conclusion I. Many elderly Americans cannot afford the high cost of prescriptions.

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