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Good afternoon to my tutor and all my fellow friends. I felt pleasure because I have this Opportunity to stand here and give a speech. My topic for today is plastic surgery. So, what is plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is an operation that allows a person’s image change into a new and pretty appearance. In the past. Plastic surgery is totally a mission impossible. But with a new era and the birth of new technology, it not a dream anymore. Plastic surgery is an operation with correction and restoration on a person’s skin. However, plastic surgery Will also bring out the surgery risk.

Preview Statement: At the beginning of the speech, I would like to talk about the type of plastic surgery, next will be the advantages of plastic surgery, furthermore is the reason of why people having plastic surgery and last but not least is the disadvantages of plastic surgery. L, Type of plastic surgery A. Aesthetics plastic surgery (cosmetic Surgery) I. Enhancing a certain appearance part to What they want to look like. 2. It is very common in many countries a. A girl with single eyelid, she will go for aesthetics surgery for double eyelid. B. Such as Germany or Korea, there are a lot of citizen was having cosmetic surgery.

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B. Reconstructive surgery 1. Restore the cell that had been damaged due to the accident and to achieve normal functional of that part. A. Example as if a person gets bum on their skin. They will be having reconstruction surgery to restore and improve the function of that part. Well, would like to proceed to my next point which is the advantages of having plastic surgery. II. Advantages Of plastic surgery A. Can build confidence I . Increase their self-esteem 2. Get a particular job With more confidence, people can easily ease in the social community and communicate with others. It may carry out a successful career in their life. Let me move to my next point which is the reason of people having plastic surgery in this era society. Ill. The reason why people having plastic surgery Example, a women with a single eyes-lid, she may go plastic surgery for a double eyes-lid, so her may might bigger than before. B. With new appearance, people not self-abuse and can try something new that they haven’t done before. 8. TO reduce their damage body part and skin I _ People want to reduce their skin is due to the accident. 2, To restore the functional of their body part. They Will have reconstructive surgery when they involve in fire disaster and burn their skin. Example, this surgery will bring to women to rebuild her breast after having breast cancer and resection. Finally, I would like to share about my last point which is the disadvantages of plastic surgery. IV. Disadvantages of plastic surgery A. The medical risk 1. Possibility brings to death. 2_ Huge amount of blood losing during the operation procedure. 3. Individual will be anesthetized in the operation, it may lead to side effect. A. It might harm the individual’s health, in the processing Of the surgery, may ring out risk b.

Surgery operations BRB inning out a large amount of chemical usage. C. Example, vomiting and fainted Conclusion Everyone have their own look and it is natural. Since plastic surgery have several benefits. But it also contain disadvantages. Plastic surgery is not all the way to be pretty. It can perfect you eye, help you to become prettier than before even won’t be despised by others, but it not means plastic surgery can fix your elite ever. Must remember, don’t always look for the expectation, but expect for the improvement in certain life,

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