Personal Philosophy of Nursing Assignment

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There are two multiple choice examinations, each worth 100 points. Each exam consists of 35 questions and each question is worth 2 points and you have 90 minutes to complete the open book exam. Please note this course and the test questions are based on the 5th edition of the Heaved & Czar textbook(2013). Exam review will be for three days and will begin after all students have completed the exam.

A message on the message board(home page) will indicate when exam is open for review. 2. Weekly Discussion: Each week, the lecture topic will be discussed in some detail on Blackboard. All students are expected to contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way. Students should post a scholarly substantive posting, and respond to a minimum of one of their classmates’ posting by Sunday at midnight EST for a minimum total of two postings per week. In order to receive full credit for your posting, you will need to submit a substantive response including any references you’ve utilized (PAPA format).

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Responses such as “good job” or “l Greer” are permissible, but they will not be worth any points. Each week, your discussion responses are worth up to 10 points. 3. EMMER Project: You have been tasked to convert a paper form into an electronic document. Choose a paper form from your facility, and describe the changes necessary to convert it to an electronic document by answering the questions posted on the course syllabus. The paper should be 3-5 pages in length (excluding the title and reference page); you Will lose points if longer than 5 pages, paper must be PAPA 6th De. Roommate and the form you have chosen should be attached as an appendix to your paper. Please remove the facility logo from the form prior to submission. No number of required references, but references are expected in a scholarly writing and must be current (within 5 years) peer reviewed references (journal articles) or textbooks, and reliable websites. Only one direct quotation may be used; you need to paraphrase information. 4. Group Presentations: The presentation should be innovative and informative. Powering, Potash, Youth, etc. , may be used.

This is a technology course so use cutting edge presentation skills. The presentation should be about 10-15 minutes. Presentations will be graded for their intent, the quality of preparation and use of technology. Each group member is expected to contribute to the presentation, and part of the presentation grade will involve group members evaluating each team member( worth 20 points). Each group must submit a copy of the presentation to digital drop box and discussion board. References are expected, and presentation should follow PAPA format. . Information Systems Site Visit Paper: You will choose a person to interview at a facility (clinic or hospital) that utilizes Errs. You will choose a focus for your interview from the list of topics provided on the course wallaby. Prior to the interview, write 5-10 questions applicable to the chosen topic. These questions will be submitted to your instructor for revision and approval by the date listed on the course calendar (week 3, Sunday by midnight, EST). Sample questions are posted on the discussion board.

The paper should not be more than 6 pages in length (excluding the title and reference page). You must include a minimum of 3 current (within 5 years), peer reviewed references. The paper will need to be formatted in PAPA 6th De. R and the interview questions may serve as the headings for organization purposes. . References, for all written assignments, MUST be from peer reviewed journals or texts, and reliable websites. Please follow PAPA (6th De. ) format for in text citation and the reference list. 7. All papers submitted for JUS must be in PAPA (6th De. Format. You will lose points for incorrect PAPA format and incorrect grammar/sentence structure so be sure to proof read your papers carefully. “Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association” 6th edition is the best guide for PAPA requirements. A sample template and information on PAPA (6th De. ) format is posted on the discussion board. 8. All written assignment MUST be submitted to BOTH turning. Com and to Digital Drop Box. The assignment is not considered submitted on time unless the document is submitted to Turin. Mom and (Digital drop box) by the assignment deadline. If you have not used this web site before you will need to set up an account and create a password. The course ID number will be provided to you via the message board. 9. All assignments must be electronically (digital drop box) submitted by midnight on Sunday of the week due. If you have some circumstance which you anticipate may cause you to be tardy, please notify the instructor in advance to make alternate arrangements. 10. You are welcome to turn in assignments early however make sure you send the copy you wish graded.

Once an assignment is submitted you cannot resend at a later date even if before the deadline. The first paper submitted is the one that will be graded. Do not send drafts for review. I will answer any question you may have regarding the assignments, but will not review a draft. 1 1. Late assignments will not be accepted unless an alternate date is negotiated with the instructor PRIOR to the assignment due date and is at the discretion of the instructor. All assignments are known to you the first day of class along with due dates.

Please plan your time accordingly. Late points will be deducted in accordance with the School of Nursing policy: 5% percent will be deducted from the final grade of all assignments for the first day and 1% for every day thereafter (weekends included). After three days assignments will not be accepted. 12. Regardless of when papers are submitted, grades will not be posted nor papers returned until all papers are received and graded. In other words papers will be returned to students at the same time.

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