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University of cape town photos short course information pack September 2013 presentation photos short course Need for the course Knowledge of Adobe products, including Photos, is becoming increasingly desirable shift toward a strong visual culture, meaner that businesses are seeking employees who as part of a comprehensive digital skill set. The rise of content marketing, as well as the are equipped with skills to innovate in this area.

Learning Photos will allow users to Course Overview This highly practical 10-week short course teaches students all the basic skills and reminisces the industry-leading image will learn to edit images create a vast range of high-quality marketing content, including content designs for social media, animated banner ads, professional quality photographs, and stylish and innovative blob designs. Photos also enables users to perform basic graphic design functions as needed to use Adobe Photos, manipulation software.

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Students professionally and apply these skills to a variety of creative contexts, including web design, in photography. Well as simple animations. Whether for personal or professional use, Adobe Photos is a software program that has multiple functions and allows users to develop numerous skills that are highly desirable in today’s visually-oriented business world. Career Opportunities Photos skills are often listed as “advantageous” in Job advertisements.

As such, learning Photos skills will give you a competitive edge over other applicants or colleagues who do not know how to use this software. Whether you want to use Photos skills to advance your career, for profit (in your regular Job, or as a freelancer) or to enhance the quality of your own photographs, you will find that knowledge of Photos presents thousands of possibilities for visual enhancement.

This course will allow you to expand your portfolio of digital skills and enhance your C.V., thereby allowing you to print design and post-production Course duration: 10 weeks online, available throughout South Africa Course approval: This course is approved by the University of Cape Town. You will receive a certificate issued broaden your current or future career prospects. For those who want to start or grow business, this course will equip you with the necessary skills to manipulate hotplates to use in your marketing materials or channels.

Photo re-touching and basic design can also offer attractive and lucrative freelance career opportunities. By the University once you have successfully completed the course. Course dates: registrations close: 13 September 2013 Course starts: 23 September 2013 Course fees: RE,800 Contact Jade 021 447 7565 021 447 8344 COURSE CONTENT Form part of an online community and interact with fellow students, share work and ideas, and review one another’s projects under the support and guidance of an industry expert.

WEEKLY Course modules The following modules are covered during the course: Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 Module 6 Module 7 Module 8 Module 9 Module 10 Introduction to Photos Layer and selection basics More about selections Digital graphic theory Tonal and color adjustment Layer masks Image manipulation and retouching Working with text and effects Preparing for print and web Advanced features and functions Tell: +27 21 447 7565 | Fax: +27 21 447 8344 jade. methven@getsmarter. Co. AZ Website: wry. Stammered. Co. AZ I Email: info@getsmarter. . AZ Page 2 of 6 Module 1 introduction to Photos This module is all about getting to know the Photos interface. Photos is complex and confusing and it is easy Module 4 digital GraPHiC theory In order to produce good-quality images, it is necessary to understand some Photos fundamentals, such as resolution, resolution to produce high-quality images and will look at how to increase or decrease the size of an image without sacrificing image quality. Students will look at the most commonly to get lost among all the panels and buttons.

You will become milliamp with the most commonly used interface elements (such as the control panel and toolbar) and learn how to open, close and adjust palettes. You will also learn how to customize the interface to your own needs, manage multiple images, and apply some of the more commonly used image adjustments. File size and formats. This module will help you to adjust image used file formats and their application, as well as other image images, understanding the different color modes, and bit fundamentals, such as the difference between raster and vector depth.

This module ill help you to understand what is going into the technical terminology and Jargon. Module 2 Layer and selection BasiCs In this module, you will get to grips with one of the oldest but most powerful Photos concepts: layers. You will learn how to create and edit layers by using the layers palette and other apply these skills, you will create a collage – an image made attractive decorative elements such as a custom desktop background. Tools to rearrange and transform the layers in your design. To up of many other images.

This is a useful skill when creating n “under the bonnet” of Photos, and it will give you insight Module 5 tonal and Color adjustment Photos has many powerful tools that allow you to finitude the darkness, lightness and color tone of an image. Commands and how to avoid destructive editing by using This module pays close attention to the Levels and Curves adjustment layers. Students also learn how to enhance layered your images “pop” by fine-tuning the color, darkness and lightness to create an arresting and attractive end result. These security threats.

Module 3 More about selections Another essential skill in Photos is the ability to use elections to edit only certain parts of an image and leave other areas untouched. This module looks at some of the ways that Photos can be used to create and manipulate selections. This includes how to create new selections with the various images with layer blending m Module 6 odes. You will learn how to make image ManiPuLation and retouching In this module, students are introduced to the many Photos tools that can be used to fine-tune or correct images, as well as ways to create unique image effects.

This includes selection tools as well as how to edit and manipulate existing selections. You will learn the skill of “deep etching” – how to remove unwanted backgrounds and leave the subject of the image cleanly displayed. Retouching with healing brushes and red eye correction tools, cloning and blending images, painting with the paintbrush and pencil tool, and applying some of the many Photos from an image – for example, cleaning up skin blemishes portrait. Filters. These tools can be used to remove unwanted elements and airbrushing an image to create a flattering, professional Tell: +27 21 447 7565 | Fax: +27 21 447 8344 Website: wry. Taskmaster. O. AZ I Email: info@getsmarter. Co. AZ Page 3 of 6 Module 7 Layer MasKs Another powerful Photos skill is the ability to blend separate images into one with layer masks. This module modules, such as selections and drawing tools to create whenever you need to combine two or more images – background. Module 9 PreparinG for Print and Wed The graphic fundamentals students learned in module 4 are intended for print or screen display on the web or in presentations, this is where you learn how to export a are put into practice in this module.

Whether your images also includes practical tasks using skills learned in previous seamless blends of different images. These tools are used for example, when you need to drop a figure into a new Photos document in the correct format size, resolution and compression. To apply your skills, you will learn how to create an eye-catching web banner. Module 8 WorKinG WitH text and effects This module is all about working with words and letters. This includes a quick introduction to typography basics like font, point size, leading, kerning and line spacing.

You will also learn how to apply effects to Photos layers to create a Module 10 advanced features and functions In this final module, students look at some of the more specialized aspects of Photos. This includes time and and use the Photos Automated features, as well as labor-saving tips such as how to create Photos actions customizing the Photos interface and tools to suit your professional finish to your Photos project. You will learn and images in the correct format. Owe to create a professional business card by combining text needs. You will learn how to improve your Photos workflow – how to take advantage of some of the timeserving tools that help you work more efficiently and productively. Website: wry. Stammered. Co. AZ I Email: info@getsmarter. Co. AZ Page 4 of 6 Who should attend The course is suited to anyone who wants to learn how to use Photos, including business owners and entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, social media managers, designers and other creative individuals, such as photographers.

The course is intended want to learn best practices or refresh and expand their skills. How to register Register online at wry. Stammered. Co. AZ. Click and then click “Register for registration form. Photos” on the left menu this course” to complete the both for those who are new to Photos as well as those who already use Photos and Course delivery The course is delivered through the unique Stammered Learning website. To ensure that you are able to maintain a work-life balance while completing the course, the content is divided into manageable weekly modules.

On each Monday of the 10-week course, you will receive one module to complete in your own time and at your own pace throughout Entry Requirements The only entry requirement for this course is a desire to learn and advance your he week. Each module consists of the following components: downloaded PDF course notes; video lectures; online discussion forum; online multiple-choice practice quiz; weekly module assignment, and further reading and resources (optional). The Course Instructor, for the duration of the course.

A designated Course Coordinator will also be available on email and telephone to provide you with administrative support. The course has been Mash du Soot, will provide you with academic support through the online discussion forum career; no prior knowledge of to do this course, you will need to: Photos is needed. In order designed in such a way that it allows you to study anywhere and anytime, at your own pace. Have a current email account Have access to a computer and the internet Have a copy of Adobe Assessment and award of the certificate The course is focused on teaching you practical skills in the Adobe Photos software.

You through a peer review process and are not formally graded. You will need to complete and of your fellow students for review. The Course Instructor will also review each assignment the 10 assignments to receive the certificate as issued by the University of Cape Town. Re not required to write any exams. As this is a creative course, all assignments are assessed submit 10 practical assignments, which will be randomly and anonymously allocated to three and provide her expert advice and guidance.

You will need to complete a minimum of 8 of Photos Creative Suite 5 (you may use Adobe Photos Elements 9 and Photos CSS, CSS, CSS or CSS) Be able to open and read PDF documents Be able to create documents in Microsoft Word language Read and write in the English 10 or any version of Adobe course APPROVAL This course is approved by the University of Cape Town. You will receive a certificate issued by the University once you have successfully completed the course. The course is developed and presented by the University of Cape Town in partnership with Stammered.

Stammered is the first and only entirely online education company to be accredited by any SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) as a provider of education in South Africa. Institutional accreditation number: 3692. Any course requirements that are for assessment purposes must be completed in English. About Stammered Stammered is a premier online education company that partners with prestigious universities and leading organizations to offer continuing education short courses, undergraduate programmer, postgraduate programmer and customized business solutions.

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