Family Tree Assignment

Family Tree Assignment Words: 451

Creating and completing a health history family tree let me see what kind of illnesses and diseases run in the family. Learning about my family’s health history let me see genetic predisposition to health diseases and risks. If your family has trending of certain health diseases and conditions, it nearness that you have a higher chance of getting them. Knowing exact what diseases and conditions run in the family, I have to be more cautious and take prevention by learning what causes those diseases and how to prevent them from happening.

I learned a whole lot from doing this assignment. I learned that my mom’s family as more health problems than my dad’s family. I noticed that cataract consistently occur from my grandmother to my mom, to my older brother, so it might be a trend. High cholesterol, diabetes, migraine headache and stroke are diseases dominantly occur from my mom’s side: they happened to my grandfather (mom’s family), to my uncle (dad’s family), to my mom, and my aunts (mom’s family).

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There are many things surprised me after completing the family tree health history. First, I see that my dad’s family health is healthier than my mom’s family. I have the impression that my mom’s family is more healthier than my dad’s side since tooth my grandfather (dad’s father) and my dad passed away at younger age, around ass’s; while my mom’s family living longevity, both her mom and dad passed away in their ass’s.

One more thing that surprised me after done with this project was that the onset of most diseases range from ages 40 through 50, this make me realize that myself or one of my sibling might inherit one of these diseases when we get older. We are young now, it might not show up yet, but as we aged, it might be a problem. I would do differently now with my life knowing what diseases that I might be inherited from my family. One good way is by looking at my eating habits, good eating habits as eat lots of vegetables, raw fruit, and adequate protein, carbohydrate and fat.

A healthy balanced diet prevent many health risks such diabetes and high cholesterol. Alcohol and smoking could cause heart disease, cancer and stroke. Keep away from alcohol and smoking help to reduce these health problems. I think family health history tree is a useful tool because looking at it I can calculate what are the chances I will get certain disease or illness from my family. Knowing the risks, I can take control of my health and to prevent it will happen to me.

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