Sociological Analysis of Your Family Assignment

Sociological Analysis of Your Family Assignment Words: 390

Late papers will not be accepted. For this paper I would Like you to take a look at your family of orientation or family of procreation if you have the latter. This paper will give you an opportunity to reflect on your own family life experiences, and develop a better understanding of course concepts you have learned so far, and how they apply to your own life.

Discuss and analyze your family of orientation in essay format, applying at least 3 sociological concepts we have covered or will cover throughout the term. Be sure to use examples to illustrate your points. This Is a very brief paper, so you will need to get to the sociological points Immediately. This paper should be organized Into 3 paragraphs, one paragraph for each sociological concept. Each paragraph should be labeled with a heading of the course concept you are applying.

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Below are some examples of course concepts from chapters 1 and 2 you could apply. You can use course concepts from other chapters as well. Functions of the family Three perspectives on the changing family Trends in changing families Macro- and micro-level Influences on the family Structural-functional perspective Conflict perspective Feminist perspective Social exchange perspective (Note: Everything you write in your papers is strictly confidential. I do not share any information in your papers with anyone.

If writing about your family causes discomfort or is too personal, let me know and we can come up with alternatives. ) Below are some additional guidelines to help with completing the assignment: Mechanics of paper: typed, one-inch margins, black Ink, double-spaced This paper should be at least 1 h – 2 pages in length. Points will be deducted if your paper Is less than 1 h pages In length. Points will be deducted If you do not expand on sociological Ideas.

Papers must be stapled. I will deduct 2 points for unstapled papers. Correct Grammar and spelling is a must. Excessive errors will result in a following the specified instructions, and especially in addressing and expanding upon each of the sociological concepts. The main thing I am looking for in this paper is how well you explain the course concepts as they apply to your family. As always, students should retain a copy of the paper to prevent potential “mishaps. ”

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