Persuasive Letter Assignment

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Background APP is a member of The International Award Association which provides opportunities for young people to challenge themselves from services and activities which can discover their hidden abilities and help them to gain satisfaction and achievement. It launches leisure activities and voluntary service regularly, for example, it arranges the teenagers to work in partnership with its operating units and volunteers. Therefore, the communication within the regional office and other outside organization is necessary.

On the other hand, APP needs to release the promotion tools (leaflet, catalog) to promote their organization ethic which involves extensive communication. To communicate with those organizations, effective communication IS needed. Part 2: 7-step Approach of the First Communication Step 1: Objective Our purpose is to attend the Gold Award presentation 201 3 for learning presentation and communication skills in English and non-profit background.

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By achieving this, we intended to pay a visit to the office and take part in coming gold award presentation. Our desired response from the receiver: We hope Cecilia will accept our invitation and allow us to attend the gold award presentation. Step 2: Audience How would our primary audience feel towards our message? Cecilia will feel positive about our invitation because we are sincerely to make his inquiry for learning and to promote the mission of APP – challenge themselves and discover their hidden abilities.

Informational needs: (1) Our identity – HOW SPACE HAD students studying English for Business; (2) The purpose of our visit – To understand how staffs communicate in English in their workplace; – To get to know more about APP and its mission on promoting young people; – To know more other non-profit organizations. (3) Number of students who will attend the presentation; (4) The number of persons who will pay the visit and take part in the press release.

Motivational needs: 1 ) Promotion of its mission and roles on encouraging young people to challenge themselves for achievements and satisfaction; (2) APP may be a potential partner to HIKE SPACE as the experience given to students will pass up to teachers and director panel, which may pose an opportunity of cooperation in the future; (3) We will not bother the ongoing ceremony; we aim at learning English and presentation skills from the presentation. Practical needs: We use simple and short sentences to make the email easy to read as Celia may not have too much of time and attention on our request.

So we need to sake it clear and easy to understand. Step 3: Tone We use the professionally but conversational tone to persuade Celia. As Chain knows her in person, we can make our request directly but still we need to keep it in a polite way for persuasion. We will communicate with Celia by email so that both parties can have time to prepare and respond. Step 5: The message We use the ‘AID’ style to write the persuasive message, which means: A – Gain Attention from Celia; – Build Interests by informing our purpose of request and provide as many information as possible; D – Build Desire to Celia to reduce the resistance;

A – Tell her to take Action for more enquiry or acceptance. What should be and should not be included in the email? (1) We should tell him our purpose for joining the presentation is that learning communication and presentation skills so that we can apply it in other subjects; (2) We should not over emphasize the importance of completing the assignment because it is not sincerely enough and will leave a negative first impression.

Step 6: Possible barriers and solutions 1) Status sender (Chain): student from HUG SPACE Receiver (Celia): Service development Officer from APP As we are students, we cannot offer any price incentive to AMP, it may reduce the interest for Celia to accept our invitation. Solution: Apart from money incentive, we can promote APP by using interest, such as: Backbone page, Instating; we can also design some posters to share what we have learnt about the Gold Award Presentation; it can increase the awareness of students to APP. ) Message Competition As Celia is in charge of service development, she need to contact with eight universities with APP branches and received many emails everyday; she may not have much time to make arrangement for us Solution: Because Chain knows Celia in person, Chain can leave a message to Celia first through SMS or Backbone inbox to make sure Celia can have appointment and make reservation. Step 7: Delivery of the message When to deliver the message?

We should send it during the office hour when Celia has time to read and respond. Where to deliver the message? We will send the message directly to the mailbox of Celia. Part 3: 7-step approach ( Second Communication) Sender MS. Celia APP Service Development Officer Receiver Chain ATA man Steps : Objective(s) To tell students that we have given the chance of attending the Gold Award Presentation Ceremony 2013 and giving the detail of the Gold Award Presentation Ceremony 2013 such as date, time and place.

Steps: Identify our audience(s) Primary audience Secondary audience Her group mates, her family and friends, the executive officer Peter Young Steps: Choose appropriate tone A conversational tone will be used because Wendy and I know each other for a long time and have a closed relationship. Will communicate with Wendy by email so that the information of the event can be delivered in detail. What should be include in this message – I accept their request Remind them to wear formal dress – Tell them where they can get the tickets – Give them more specific information of Gold Award Presentation Ceremony.

Step 6:- possible barriers and solutions 1) Authority Celia cannot make decision by her own, she need to discuss with her boss, Peter Young, it will take more time to wait for the reply. Solution: We use plain language to make sure the content is simple and short, Wendy will also leave a message to Celia to make sure she received the email. 2) Lack of trust Although Wendy met Celia before, but we cannot make sure she will accept our invitation. Also, we cannot provide any price incentive to APP, all these will reduce the interested of accepting our invitation.

Solution: We suggest some ideas to APP, such as internship programs to keep long term relationship and trust to APP. Will deliver the message two weeks before the Gold Award Presentation Ceremony 2013. Where to deliver the message? Will send the message directly to the mailbox of Wendy. Part 4: The Email to AMP Subject: ARQ guest for attending the Gold Award Presentation ceremony 201 3 Dear Celia: APP has been promoting young people to achieve and service the society in heir leisure time in order to gain the experience which cannot take in the formal education.

Also, APP has helped a lot of young people to discover and build their positive characters and abilities through different activities. My fellow group mates and are XX students, who studying English for Business, Interested in APP programs and how they affect the life of young people. Therefore, we intend to attend the Gold Award Presentation Ceremony 2013 to know the changes Of different young people by joining APP and their sharing will be a chance for us to evaluate ourselves in another aspect.

In addition, we all knew that APP is an international organization which we can learn and understand more about communication in English as well as communication and presentation skills in non-profit organization. As we know there have seat limitation, only four students will attend the Gold Award Presentation 201 3, we hope we will not cause much inconvenient. Joining the Presentation is an opportunity for us to improve our English communication skills by meeting with different organizations; we can also apply the skills and technique into our subjects.

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