Persuasive Letter to My Local Government Assignment

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To begin off with, green roofs act as insulation for buildings. Its soil mixture and vegetation soak up the sun lights radiation and reflect it back as heat, acting as Insulation for the buildings reducing the ‘urban heat island effect’. On the other hand, Dry. Maureen Connelly who runs a green-roof lab in Canada, B. C. Institute of Technology; has proven the fact of: green-roofs reduces heating and cooling costs ad much as 20 percent. Furthermore, living roofs are one of the basic key factors for the successful development of moderate street flooding. Its system stores the water form rain,

Mulch Is afterwards recycled for Irrigation, allowing the drainage support the growing of various plants, where It Is returned to the atmosphere through transpiration and evaporation. Currently, Germany, Switzerland and Austria live restricted by the law to allocate a living roof to reduce the threat of overflows of rain and extending the life of a cites drain system. Moreover, the shift from a monotonous, equal and repetitious city to a popular. Natural and livable one has its benefits. If many towns made current the green roofs, this will develop in mind the point of view of an ecological, livable and environmental metropolitan.

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Therefore, numberless tourists and immigrants would arrive and immediately adore pleasantly the rooftop gardens, esteeming the sustainable planning the government had established to the city. Meanwhile, the city of Vancouver, located in British Columbia, Canada, has been well recognized Normalized in favor of their green roofs on the Olympic Village, the Vancouver Convention Centre and the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. Therefore, I urge you to conceive the idea of a sustainable planning using green roofs and livable roofs; there is nothing to lose.

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