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To whom it may concern, Recently my town has been under crises, the crises of a hurricane. During this time period, multiple problems have occurred that have been unconstitutional. The rights my fellow people as well as I have should not have been abused. I understand that the government must safeguard and limit our rights to protect the safety of its people, however I do not support the actions that have took place in my town. The government must balance the rights and needs of individuals with the needs of the ublic, but the rights that were taken away from my town’s people were not beneficiary to the needs of the public.

While broadcast were sent out to every home in the town, some people evacuated, while others stayed in their homes. The government then forced my people out of their own homes for evacuation. I know as well as you that the 4th amendment, stated in the Bill of Rights, states that we have the right to be secure in our homes. I understand that there was potential harm to individuals who decided not to leave, but they did nothing wrong.

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In order for the United Stated government to remove a person of their home, or even to enter their home, they would need a warrant, which these government officials did not have. I believe that you should agree to these actions being Just as wrong as I do, seeing as how these individuals were not convicted of any crime and had not disobeyed the law in any way. The other issue I would like to inform you about is the denial for fire arms in the storm shelters. All of the individuals whom fire arms got confiscated had legal permits for those guns.

People have put to my attention that others in the storm shelter would not have felt secure with a gun so close to them. However, those people did not have to go to a storm shelter. Every person with a firearm had had a full background check prior to obtaining the firearm and they were of no threat. As I’m sure you can see, the actions your people, our government took, were not constitutional, they took away my people’s rights from the 2nd Amendment in the rights to “bear arms” and I would like to see some consequences to take place. Thank you.

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