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Privacy Matters in America In the United States today the government tries to interfere in private lives. There should be no more laws made letting the government interfere in the private lives of people and if there are, people should stand up against this invasion in people’s privacy and sat no. Should the government have the right to interfere in people’s private lives? Does being a part of a representative democracy mean that people can give up their freedom to make their own choices to benefit other people? I believe any laws made interfering in peoples should be rejected by the people. People should have the courage to say no.

I would say no to anymore laws imposing their ways and beliefs on Americans i think people should say no due to the fact that people should not be told what to do with their money especially when they are not doing anything wrong. People should not have to take the burden of other people and have taxes risen. I do not believe that this is what our founding fathers intended the United States government responsibilities to be. Should the government have the right to interfere in people’s private lives? Democracy guarantees freedom. One might then argue that a government should allow people to act according to their own free will.

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But, there are always two sides to everything. Absolute independence might not lead to anything productive in a society like ours. There needs to be a basic framework of rules and guidelines in which all participants in society should agree to. According to Thomas Hobbes, “human nature is that if there were no rules or law enforcing institutions, it would be a war of every man against every man. “The government needs to regulate the activities of individuals in a way that the freedom guaranteed by democracy to all the people is not destroyed by selfish acts of few people. “

Apart from the protection of these basic rights to the people I believe that the government interference in our private lives in unacceptable. Systems such as welfare and progressive tax are not acceptable. The government should defiantly work toward the increase in the standard of living in the whole nation, but should not be by snatching well earned money from the rich in progressive taxes just because they have some extra money were some are not as fortunate. On the other hand encouraging people to learn and obtain knowledge would pay off in the long run by making them self sufficient without depending on welfare systems.

This would also aid the economic perspective. Also, this would help the nation as a whole by increasing total production and achieving economic growth. This could lead to better equality among citizens and the whole thing about forcing tax increases on people could be dropped without any arguments. “Abortion should not be political. It should be a woman’s right to choose. It is her body. It does not belong to the church. It does not belong to the government ( Haas. )” Abortion is a issue of personal freedom. Who should make that choice?

Should the government decide when people will have children? Should religious leaders control reproduction? Or should people be allowed to decide for themselves. Reproduction is a personal right and should not be controlled by anyone other than the parents. If the parents make a wrong choice it is their responsibility, not the governments. That is what personal freedom is all about, the right for people to make their own mistakes and not have the government try to correct mistakes for people. Most women have an abortion and feel guilty later or they do not abort and later wish they did.

This is America were the people are guaranteed a free society, letting the government make choices contradicts the words “America a free country. ” Sometimes people make the wrong choices. That’s life! That’s what choosing is all about. My main goal is make people understand that someone has to choose, but make that critical of a decision should be left up to the women who is pregnant. The woman is the one who has the right to be wrong, not the government and certainly not a government controlled by religion. “A smoking ban was proposed and the D.

C Council gave a final approval on January 4, 2006 to ban smoking in bars, restaurants, and other public places (Weiss. )” There has been a great deal or controversy over this issue, stating this smoking ban goes against our right of freedom. The government should not be allowed to dictate where people are allowed to smoke. This decision should to be left to the owners of these facilities. The government should not be allowed to control what a person’s body consumes. For instance, why is alcohol legal while marijuana is illegal? Marijuana has been proven to have a relaxing effect and does not make a person sick after consuming it.

According to http://drugwarfacts. org/cms/? q=node/30 “Annual Causes of Death Statistic Sheet” It shows no one has ever died from smoking marijuana whereas 85,000 people have died from drinking alcohol (Drug Policy. )” If this is the case the government might as well make driving illegal considering it has a high death rate. This is another why people should have the right to do what they want without having the government interference in personal lives. Government also tries to control individual’s lives by many of the affirmative action policies it has adopted.

Democracy should ensure people the right to work without regard of race and ethnicity. Qualified people have lost in the competition of the labor market because he or she is not a particular color or religion. It sure has some positive sides to it but then again the minorities can be protected by following the same policies of encouraging education and training in skills used in America’s labor market. Therefore, being part of a representative democracy should not imply that people give up their freedom for the good of all. I strongly feel that democracy has a built in concept by which people act in ways to benefit themselves.

This is the best way for the nation in moving forward. This would reduce the interference of government in people’s lives. The government should only be allowed to enforce the laws which ensure people rights and freedom to make their own choices. This should be done to be fair without burdening any person for the sake of benefiting someone else. In conclusion the government should limit its interference in people’s lives and should only be there to make laws to ensure peoples basic rights and freedom in a fair way that doesn’t burden any other person.

By encouraging people to reach out for education and job training maybe in the future rich people or anyone having high taxes imposed on them won’t have to carry the burden. Women should be able to make their own choices weather they feel the need for an abortion or not. Smokers should not have to be burdened by not being able to smoke where they please. Anymore laws or regulations interfering in peoples personal lives should leave the people with no other choice but to say no.

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