How Can Our Government Provide Liberty and Justice for All? Assignment

How Can Our Government Provide Liberty and Justice for All? Assignment Words: 979

The mission of the United States government is to provide liberty and justice, which in turn leads to tranquility, prosperity, and happiness. The founders of the United States wrote up the Constitution to try to fulfill this task and build a better nation. Ever since the creation of the government, laws, amendments, and bills have been passed and rejected. All created by the federal, state, and local governments to aid in the creation of a better tomorrow for the country. As the law is laid down in this country, every person in the populace either chooses to abide by the laws or ignore them.

The dilemma is that people have different opinions and interpretations on laws that are created. Leading too many heated arguments which eventually had to allow for bloodshed to end the dispute. These clashes ranged from land and moral disputes, the greatest ones leading to the Civil War. Other arguments disputed the education, job, and voting rights of African Americans, immigrants, and women. Our government however has braved these disputes and in the end provided the liberty and justice it promised.

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In today’s time, the government still upholds the constitution that brings democracy to the land. But now, the big question is how we can keep liberty and justice there in modern times, without intruding on the rights of Americans. Since 1787, America’s democracy has strengthened not only the inhabitants of the country but has influenced other countries to follow in our footsteps and let democracy flourish over them. These nations range from France, Australia, Brazil, and Russia which all have allowed democracy in and have benefited from its presence.

With the power that democracy holds, this country should preserve it and continue to better its principals. As these principals are improved, this increases the possibility of a greater liberty and justice. The government must continue to not intervene in the lives of Americans when not called upon, so as to have total liberty. Only when laws are broken should authority intervene to bring about justice. This also contributes to the fact that Americans should continue to hold power in their government and how it is carried out, in other words we most maintain our representative democracy.

One factor opposing this is political corruption which creates an interdependent group that does not perform duties it was originally intended on doing, or does them illegally. This leads to decreased competition and direct support towards narrow interests, which may not promote justice and liberty. Currently, this country is under some extent of this corruption and if not stopped now it jeopardizes government as we know it and may lead to another form of government similar to dictatorship. This practically strips us of independence and fair dealings within the nation, and this topic should be a top priority in the country.

The officials and people should be more concerned about government operation so as to uphold liberty and justice. We shouldn’t be concerned more with foreign policy then domestic policy, which may have lead into the economic slump we have been in because of gas prices. Therefore, we should educate the masses on the abilities of this democratic system, so it is understood how we have liberty and justice in an ever changing society. In addition to that, equality in the nation should continue to stand as a firm part of the constitution and in the minds of Americans.

This way we can truly have equality and justice for all. With this equality comes equal security, voting rights, freedom of speech, assembly, healthcare and education which leads to equal opportunities and obligations. This in turn gets the entire society involved in trying to better society and soon equality becomes a stronger part of civilization because of all the opportunities that will allow people to succeed. In this condition unnecessary racism, discrimination, prejudice, and injustice is erased from society, and this would allow for greater freedom in the country.

Still something that the leaders of this country need to do is release vital information that is withheld from the people during their times of need. The Bush administration is undergoing a credibility gap, due to the fact that information about future strategies and political moves pertaining to the war are completely inaccessible. Furthermore, Attorney General John Ashcroft is trying to shut down the Freedom of Information Act, which allows a citizen to request government files new and old. This is a complete violation of our right to justice, since information that may be found in those documents may bring about justice.

This makes it even more of a priority to keep those laws intact and to create more like them to bring about justice. Increased funding of the law enforcement departments in the country would also allow for justice and decreased crime rates. Today the United States government provides an exceptional way of life to the person who chooses to take advantage of their opportunities and this then leads to their liberty and justice. The leaders of the nation do have the ability to provide an everlasting liberty and justice; they just have to try to try to make it so the entire nation is behind them to create a better future.

Free from any form of corruption, racism, discrimination, injustice, and uneducated public. The leaders of the country have to allow the people to become more involved in the government and to stop withholding information someone needs to know. They must continue to preserve our representative democracy and to better the system of government we have today. But most importantly they must keep the ideas of equality, liberty, and justice alive in the culture of Americans because, that is the only way those ideas can be provided to everyone in the country.

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