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The project has enabled us to use all marketing I and II concepts in a practical aspect. We sincerely thank Proof. Marshland Raja Kumar for acting as a torch bearer for guiding us in completing the project. Our group gained valuable inputs in our focused interaction with Professor. Our group would like to express gratitude towards our organizations for providing us the relevant data as required for completion of the project. We would like to express our special gratitude and thanks to Mr.. Swallowtail for giving some unsought data. 1 page SSL No Description Page No Product 2 Core Strategy 6 3 About the Company 4 SOOT Analysts 7 5 Porter’s 5 forces 9 Segmentation based on Demographics 10 12 8 STEP Analysts 3 Marketing Mix 14 Financial Lookup 18 11 Contingency Plan 19 3 | Page Data Anna is a vehicle intended to provide safe and affordable transport to families. The targeted group consists of families who are unable to afford the existing entry level car model and therefore are two wheeler owners but feel unsafe and uncomfortable when traveling as a family in inclement weather .

They therefore want a four wheeler with weather protection but with a cost of ownership comparable with owning a couple of two wheelers . Cars and two wheelers are Specialty goods. Customers spend a long time in making he decision and are willing to pay more and wait to get product of their choice. The products satisfy the esteem level need. For such products purchase decision is based on price only if the customer is convinced that other features of competing products product requiring a high customer involvement for purchase but meeting a basic need [ safety] .

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Market size: Passenger car sales in 2012-13 1. 89 million. Categories: Hatchback, Sedan, SUB Sub category: Minicab Marti has reduced its price. So it is perceived as a better value for money . Let has the largest market share of all . Annual sales of Anna is A large number of established manufacturers have set up manufacturing facilities in India. India is emerging as a leading manufacturer of small cars as global majors turn their Indian facilities into global hub for small cars. Strategy Products Customer targets: Earlier Data Anna was tetrahedrons the owner of a two- wheeler . Let was conceived to give the people who rode on two-wheelers an all- either, safe, affordable transport for the whole family. It was positioned as people’s car with target market as the customer who has income of 100000 annually .

With the slow response the car has now been repositioned into new smart city car through its new ad called horizon next for attracting& targeting the young city dwellers. 5 Page Competitor Targets: The closest competitor of the “Anna” is Marti 800 a small car from Marti Suzuki, which is more expensive than Data Anna. Even though it is shorter [6 %], Data Anna being taller and wider has more interior space [21%] than he Marti 800. Marti Suzuki being aware of the gap withdrew Marti 800 from the market and reduced the price of Alto for the competing with Data Anna.

Alto is also a small car but it is a five seat car with greater luggage space and other superior features. Alto is the highest selling car in India and has competed very success fully with Anna. Named LLC) tagged at 2,000 Euro together with Renault-Ionians to rival Data Anna. This ultra-low cost car project has now been cancelled. Baja] has continued the development of a low cost vehicle. However it is not a car any more but a quadrille ND it is targeted towards the commercial sector. Maintenance services The Data Motors offers customers of Anna maintenance services at a fixed price per month.

The services are extremely competitive and cheap as the car itself. Bank Services Data Anna has signed contracts with Indian Banks in order to allow low income people to get Loans at low interests so that they can book their Data Anna. 6 | Page Core Strategy: Buyers The core strategy is to attract the customers who have Just arrived at the scene and need all features at least price. They are attracting the young middle class refashions who don’t have a car . Basically they are filling the position between the two wheelers segments by offering the value of a car at the price of a good bike.

New entrants This creates an innovative product for a new segment with a high entry barrier because existing models cannot be re -engineered for this segment. Any competing product must be designed from scratch which requires large investment, skills and time. Suppliers: An independent supply chain was created for Anna. Vendors were developed for supplying components specially developed for Anna such as 12″ wheel rims. Success of Anna was dependent upon the vendors who supplied key components. To ensure proper control many of the vendors were located within factory premises of Anna plant.

Substitutes: Anna being a unique product did not have a substitute which offered the same combination of price, safety, comfort and utility. However two wheelers and public transport satisfy some of the wants which are satisfied by Anna About Data Motors Limited. Data Motors Limited is Indian’s largest automobile company, with consolidated revenues of INNER 1, 88,818 cores (USED 34. 7 billion) in 2012-13. It is the leader in immemorial vehicles in each segment, and among the top in passenger vehicles with winning products in the compact, midsized car and utility vehicle segments.

It is also Established in 1945, Data Motors’ presence cuts across the length and breadth of India. Over 8 million Data vehicles ply on Indian roads, since the first rolled out in 1954. The company’s manufacturing base in India is spread across Jackhammers Arkansan), Pun (Maharajah’s), Locknut (Attar Pradesh), Pantry (Outranked), Sand (Gujarat) and Dharma (Karakas). Following a strategic alliance with Fiat in 005, it has set up an industrial Joint venture with Fiat Group Automobiles at Rangoon (Maharajah’s) to produce both Fiat and Data cars and Fiat power trains.

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