Gratitude Letter Guidleines Assignment

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Gratitude Letter Guidelines The following are guidelines for writing a detailed gratitude letter: 1) Each student needs to think of a person in his or her life who has been kind to him or her but whom the student has never thanked. Instead of kindness, the student could also identify a person who made a significant impact on his or her development or life but whom the student has never thanked. When this person has been identified, whether it be on the basis of kindness or development, the student is required to write a detailed gratitude letter to the person explaining in concrete terms why the student is grateful. ) After completing the gratitude letter, the student makes an appointment and then visits this person and reads the testimony aloud. 3) The students are required to orally present a detailed analysis of the emotional context of the visit. This analysis includes the reading of the gratitude letter, descriptions of specific emotions evoked in the student and the recipient, how each party reacted to those emotions, and what impact the visit had on the student’s emotional intelligence (EI). The objective of the assignment is to help develop specifically students’ emotion awareness and recognition. If any student feels uncomfortable sharing his or her emotions with others, then the student must submit a detailed written analysis for the professor’s eyes only. ) 4) Each student will make an oral presentation to the class on ___________, at which time he or she will read his or her gratitude letter as well as respond to the various issues raised in point #3 above. 5) The only written material required for submission to the professor is the gratitude letter, which should be provided to the professor before each student presents.

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