Discuss the Attributes, Skills, Actions Assignment

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The important attributes for an individual who is working towards the current foundation year and the focused degree are to be good at communications. The main reason as to why we make communication come into sight is because enhancing our oral and visual skills are the primary core employers look for. Therefore we need to develop persuasive and research skills to strengthen our ability of critical and analytical thinking Subsequently, study habits like learning how to make notes, be consistent, managing time and attending to every lecture by paying attention to what the lecturer is trying to say is also vital.

The reason to that is that, by learning how to make notes helps us prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests. We would not need to run through thick textbooks or notes that we are unfamiliar with. Therefore, we need to be consistent during the taking notes process as it help saves a lot of time and we take a shorter time to understand what we are revising. Moreover, information discussed in class often enclose the central notion of the course and the substance which are most likely to be integrated in exams. Up till now, students regularly do not realize the importance of notetaking and listening.

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On the other hand students should not blindly take down notes only when they’re asked to or when they see their peers copying something down from the board. Listening has also become and essential learning device as humans are poor listeners. Research has shown that individuals are only capable to recall 50% of what they listen to and in most cases 20% to 30% is relentlessly incorrect. Countless students now realize the need to sharpen their time management skills as they arrive in college because unlike high school, teachers has already prepared a structured assignment and classes to fill the day.

However in college, we tend to have more outside of class work and a great deal of sovereignty and agility. In order to manage our time successfully, we need to be aware of what our goals are in order to assist ourselves in prioritizing our activities. Time management provides the opportunity to create a to-do list for us and not for others. Personally, this gives us the flexibility to include the things which are most important to the least important. Therefore, we need to set our goals right. Be it short term goals or long term goals.

Short term goals is defined as “something that you will achieve in the near future, for example in a day, within a week, or possibly within a few months”. Where as long term goals is define as “something that you will achieve over a longer period of time like a semester, a year, five years, ten years or maybe more”. Usually long term goals tend to be more meaningful yet they are harder for us to uphold a positive attitutude in reaching that goal. That is why, it is always helpful to set up “enabling goals”. Enabling goal is a singular term that is written to help achieve a long term goal.

They are like springboard that helps us determine our pregess towards our goal. Other than that, we should learn to be consistant in everything we do. Be it taking notes, managing time, or even attending every lecture by paying attention is not enough. The word “be consistant” means “being in agreement with itself; coherent and uniform”. Which explains that we have to make an agreement with ourselves rationaly and homogenously that we will be consistant while taking down notes and managing time so that we are able to prioritize what is more important than the rest.

Moving on, we should plant a heart of passion towards our education. In that way, it will motivate ourselves more. For example, when we were young we always have passion towards the things we do. Especially during classes when a teacher praises you, you will feel motivated and then come home telling your parents about it. With that, it has indirectly made you feel more passionate and slowly you will have a consistant heart to pay more attention in class to gain more praises. Ultimately, the above story is trying to indicate that we should prepare earlier for every class in order that we understand better.

Also, it help gives our lecturer a good impression that we have attempted to understand a topic before entering class. From the term “being prepared” we can presuppose that we know what we would want to achieve and what needs to be achieved. It also means that we have physically prepare the resources that needs to support our understanding. Also it bring forth the meaning that we know how to sequence, manage, accept and evaluate the learning commotion. After preparing and going through classes, it is obvious that we have to revise our woek every so and then to keep in pace with everthing.

However the point here is that “most students work hard at it, but they don’t always work well with it” again this leads us back to the main point which is organizing time and planning out revisions in advance. Revisions definitely should not be a last minute attempt as does not help with poor study habits. By general, a topic quickly goes by another in each course and previous works are easily forgotten. There seems to way too little time to revise. Nevertheless, we should always workw with one eye on the coming revision process.

However, applying all those attributes in life which I have just mentioned is not enough. We also need to smartly pick the right type of friends to blend with. Consequently, before approaching someone new, we need to evaluate a person appropriately by their alliances and commitments making sure that it matches our criteria of a “good friend”. We need to recognize poor motives and unbalanced values in others in order that it does not harm us indirectly and at the same time, we need to encourage ourselves to hunt for acquaintaces who are generous and helpful rather than selfish and hurtful.

With that, we can be able to join with them in showing respect of friendship for one another. Maybe after successfully choosing the right friend, together, you can both learn how to move through obstacles together and not let foolish barrier block you from your path of success and learn how to prioritize work and play but becareful of friends’ influence or the world’s temptation. By saying so, moving through obstacles was and is never easy. Unexpected things happens in unwanted times. Therefore, we need to have a clear mind to know how to evacuate from the obstacle with determination.

Say for example, you have finish every given assignment from your lecturers and have already decided to take a week off from college for a short vacation to distress. Then the unexpected comes, another few assignment shows up and forces you to choose between sitting at home to finish up the given assignments or enjoy a week of vacation and later on strain yourself with assignments. Which would you pick? Of course, by normal every individual would choose to strain themselves later on. But would that be a wise decision? Of course that varies from situation. If the individual still has a remaining of cumulated ime to finish up the given assignments, then why not opt for a vacation. However, it also differs from another situation which is if there is no longer any time left, and still that individual opt for a vacation over settling the assignments, its his own loss. As a result, it is very important to know how to decide wisely and manage time consistently. Of course there is also a saying that rhymes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” Certainly, we save the best for last. Seeing as we are majoring our degree in Mass Communications, it is apparent that good presentation skills is important in this line.

Towards a good presentation skills, we have three important points to look at. Our voice is probably the most valuable asset as a presenter as it carries most of the content that the audience receive. Our volume, tone, pitch and pace is by and large the most important asset a presenter possess. Therefore, while during a presentation a presentor must speak at a good volume, tone, pitch and pace for the audience to understand. Next on, audience not only pay attention to the pitch of your voice but also watch your body. The reason why I say so is because our body communicates differently towards our audience.

If during a presentation and you are caught slouching, this tells the audience that you do not respect the presentation that is going on. On the other hand, displaying a good body posture gives an idea to your audience that you not only respect the presentation but you know and care deeply about it. It is said that a good body posture helps you to speak more clearly and effectively. Therefore, throughout the whole presentation, a presentor must be able to display proper eye contact, facial expression, gestures, posture and body orientation.

Lastly, as a presentor we must also be responsive towards our audience. In other words, we must be an active listener. Because in doing so we understand the information you are giving out and if the information is equally important to the audience. As part of the listening process, we need to get feedback by changing and altering our message so that the intention of the original conversationalist is understood by the second conversationalist. Thus, we must have the ability to plan out our answers before attempting to answer any questions asked by the second conversationalist.

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