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As one with any prior writing experience would know, there are certain writing skills that help to make your paper more legible and make it “come to life. ” These basic writing skills included Grammar, Focus/Thesis, Spelling, Organization, Sentence Structure, and Development/Support. Therefore, within this paper I will go more in depth with what each meaning represents. I will also explain how these basic writing skills could and would help better any piece of written work.

Then, I will elucidate why I feel these writing skills are important. Basic Writing Skills – Final Supportively, within your final document you should have all of the following basic writing skills. For instance, the thesis/focus is a statement that explains what your essay would be about and it should be easily recognizable in order for your audience to determine where you are going with your writing. When I say that, I mean that it should be strongly worded, impossible to miss, and in shorter essays of a few pages, it should show up in the first paragraph or introduction of your paper (Christensen, 2009).

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Most essays live or die by the strength of their thesis statements, and by their ability to keep focused on their thesis (Christensen, 2009). Simply put, if you have not clearly indicated your focus or your argument, it will be difficult to stay focused on the issue you plan to discuss, argue or explain (Christensen, 2009). Following this, your paper should include development/support. This skill is to provide details to explain the topic of your work, such as reasons, facts, and/or examples. Do not just assert something is true; prove it (Purdue University Online Writing Lab, 2004).

What facts, figures, examples, tests, etc. prove your point (Purdue University Online Writing Lab, 2004)? In Addition, your work should also include organization. Organization helps one to settle on what he or she wants their document to explain. I would imagine there are different types of ways to organize your paper depending on what you want the reader to gain from reading your document. It is important to organize the writing in an order that is interesting, but more importantly it must be logical (Steele, 2007). In other words, it has to make sense to the reader (Steele, 2007).

Everything must fit together, much like the pieces of a puzzle (Steele, 2007). Moreover, your paper needs transitions. Transitions are words that help your paper flow more efficiently and prevent the reader from becoming lost or bored while reading your work. Transitions also help to clarify, to show location, to show time, to enumerate, to compare and/or contrast, then to show emphasis, to add information, and also to summarize and/or conclude certain areas of your paper. Lastly, when writing any document for professional or educational purposes you should included good sentence structure. Sentence structure is incredibly important.

This keeps you from creating a run-on sentence, fragment, and any other sentence malfunction (Peha, 2003). Nevertheless, it is also incredibly hard to understand and analyze (Peha, 2003). Most of us do not think about the structure of our sentences when we speak and write; we construct them unconsciously (Peha, 2003). However, if we want to improve our sentence structure and learn from other writers, we have to become conscious of the way we put our sentences together, as well as, how others put their sentences together (Peha, 2003). Conclusion Basic writing skills are essential when creating any piece of writing.

Furthermore, I am fully aware that many people who are well read are not perfect spellers (Trelease, 2008). Meanwhile, these skills help to keep all of us on track, while also keeping the readers/audience interested. Anyone could submit any of their assignments without incorporating these basic skills, but I would not advise it. Supportively, every writer needs these skills and they are very important in any type of professional or educational writing, especially if you choose to have your document done correctly. References Christensen, T. E. (2009). What is a Thesis Statement?

Retrieved January 14, 2009, from, I learned how to question myself in order to create a thesis statement and I got all the facts about creating a thesis statement from this source. The author is very readable and includes detailed information about the subject that I was referencing. Peha, S. (2003). Writing: Smooth Sentence Fluency. Retrieved January 14, 2009, from, Steve Peha and Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc. Web site: The author really broke down how to create a written document correctly. The author also states that sentence fluency and structure are major components in creating a sound written document.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (2004). Writing Essay Exams. Retrieved January 14, This source provided exact information about most of the writing skills that I was researching. These skills include organization, focus/thesis, sentence structure, and development/support. This source also managed to include a thorough “break-down” of what was necessary to create an essay, as well as examples of needed word possibilities. Steele, K. (2007). Patterns of Organization. Retrieved January 14, 2009, from, Kimberly Steele, Organization of a written document is very important.

Therefore, within this source, the author includes the ten ways in which a written document can be organizes. These ten ways are chronological, cause and effect, problem to solution, spatial, climatic, reverse climatic, process, classification, comparison/contrast (block form), and comparison/contrast (point by point). Trelease, J. (2008). Stephen Krashen on Spelling. Retrieved January 26, 2009, from, Jim The author of this source gives his opinion on spelling and the rule of spelling when incorporated with writing skills; then provides theory and facts to “back-up” his thoughts.

The author also speaks of good readers who are imperfect spellers and how to help them. GrammarBook. com (2009). Grammar and Punctuation | The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. Retrieved January 26, 2009, from, GrammarBook. com Web site: The author of this source carefully explains the importance of using correct grammar in a writing assignment. This author also points out how to find subjects and verbs and tells why these are important factors in any written document. The author of this source then uses rules to assist the writer in creating a well-put together document.

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