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In other words, it measures how effective the course to her. More than once, you told us you always appreciated our efforts and one of the reasons why you wanted us to have a portfolio was that we ourselves could compare our own assignments in the future. I must say I have experienced a huge change. Even though it was subtle at first, it gradually appeared more noticeable later on. When I received the guideline for project 1, I have to admit that I felt completely lost. I had never made a brochure before, plus that I was the most low-tech creature in the world.

I did not know where and how to start. I even thought about getting help from my friend. But then, I realized if I did not make it yeses, I would not be able to write the essay explaining it. Thus, found all the materials you gave in class, attempted step by step and had you check it for me. When it came to UP, got stuck again. Decided to meet you at your office for some advice and after that everything became clearer. I spent nearly three weeks finishing it. All of a sudden, PA was not a very big deal to me. Mean could understand what to do right after reading the guideline and it only took me a week to have it done. Honestly, usually have difficulty in writing and expressing my thoughts by words, so this is a big change I have dad so far. The moments completed the first draft of my UP, I supposed it was the best I could do. But when came to class for peer review, I realized how poor my work was. I had just written what was in my mind without caring about the structure like statement sentence, evidence, examples and so on. As a result, merely had to rewrite everything.

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After the second peer review, it seemed to be better and I just needed to edit a little. The first obvious problem is that while the tuition fees are increasing instantly, the quality of graduates is not compatible. Some people may argue that studying in universities does not cost more than it did in the past. They proved this by saying tuition fees appear to be higher just because of inflation and there is no downward trend in the quality of degrees and graduates since the grade point averages of students are going up.

However, quite a number of evidences told a different story. Firstly, according to the result of a research, . Secondly, for the growth in GAP of students, This results in both kinds of inflation mentioned above. Therefore, studying higher education is getting more and more costly but the value of the degrees is going down. It does not matter what kind of degree one has; it is one’s capacity that decides one’s future career and earnings. Therefore, I gained much experience for UP to make it more logical: Cost The biggest advantage of Moons is that they are free of charge.

In this current economic context, because of the decrease in government support, universities have to find other Ways to survive…. Therefore, it is cost factor that contributes to the success of this modern way of learning over traditional universities. Effectiveness Although cost is the biggest advantage of Moons, the more important retention to measure their success or failure is effectiveness. No matter what way education presents, its highest goal is to develop people. The point is, depending on the features of each way of learning, students should be flexible enough to adjust and motivate themselves if they want to make the most of their time and efforts. Secondly, I had a suitable attitude toward this course. Although I knew you rarely checked attendance, I never missed any classes. Recognized the importance of this course, so did not underestimate it. I spent a great deal of time on every single project in order to make it as good as possible. Because I did not have competence in writing, had to try more than other classmates.

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