Personal Responsibility Assignment

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Many factors can contribute to a person success in college, however the student is most responsible for his or her success. Granted Factors such as family, peers, instructors, and circumstances sometimes play a role in the decisions we make, each individual should be held fully accountable for themselves. As an adult you have the absolute freedom to make any choice you want and should be ready to face the consequences that come along with those choices.

The demise of personal accessibility occurs when individual began to blame others for their own failure. Personal responsibility meaner to me that each person should take responsibility for all decisions, challenges and circumstances presented in their life. We have to take accountability for what we think, do, and say. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and someone who caused or created it. Personal responsibility does not involve playing the blame game or finger pointing, you are now shifting accessibility from one person to the next.

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You cannot go looking for factors outside of yourself to blame. Personal responsibility starts with being responsible for the choices that we make and the outcomes that follow. You cannot chose to skip class on test day and blame the teacher for not allowing a retake. We sometimes fail to realize that avoiding a choice is a choice within itself and it shows that you are holding yourself accountable by choosing to make the right choice. The relationship between arsenal responsibility and college success is a close knit relationship.

College success in inevitable without knowing what you want out of it, setting and maintaining goals, and implementing those into your education. Knowing what you want to get out of college is major in preparing your college success. You can take charge of your own learning, complete assignments on time, study for test and give the best performance that you can. Set realistic and attainable goals that fit into your situation and or circumstance. You can use your goals as a guideline to track how far you have come, and how much further you have to go.

So if for some reason you cannot achieve them you will know exactly why and can own up and fix your mistakes. Knowing that I am responsible for my own failure or success in college I will make it my number one priority to give my all. I will not put the faith of my college future into anyone else’s hands granting myself full responsibility of the outcome. I will take accountability of managing my schedule so that aside from work I set aside enough time for school and myself.

In conclusion, although other factors such as people, time, classes, and instructors sometimes play a role in the decisions you make, each individual should be held fully accountable for themselves for two main reasons. First, you cannot blame someone else for what you have done. But most importantly, as an adult you have absolute freedom to make any choice you want. Your success or failure in college lies ultimately upon you.

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