The Effectiveness of Personal Responsibility Assignment

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The Effectiveness of Personal Responsibility Even though the bare minimum is enough to get by, exercising personal responsibility has proven to make me more successful. Personal responsibility ranges from being at the right place at the right time, to taking ownership and accepting the consequences for all actions. It plays a huge role in one’s daily lives, as well as college success. Something as simple as writing out tasks and events on a planner can lead to mastering personal responsibility as long as it is followed.

Personal responsibility is taking ownership for all actions and responsibility for the consequences. It is easy to write a plan and schedule. The hard part is not being lazy and procrastinating. That is where personal responsibility kicks in, following through with my personal agreement. A student is personally responsible for the integrity, dedication, and attitude committed to his/her college success. In school, it meaner that students are the ones to be held accountable for their schoolwork. Irresponsibly making up excuses or blaming others for failing will not help one succeed in college.

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Arriving late in class can hinder my class assignments as I may miss important discussions or material needed for completion of the course. Daily planners and time management are the best ways to avoid arriving late and failing tasks. Writing a detailed schedule of my day can make the difference. Starting from the moment I wake up until the night ends with me in bed. Managing my time among work, school, and home will allow sufficient time to complete all tasks and goals. Setting priorities to my planner will be the key to mastering personal responsibility.

With my days planned out, I can see my weekly and monthly schedule. That now allows me to adjust tasks to make life easier and more organized as well as have enough room for any obstacles or emergencies. If I take the meaning of personal responsibility to a higher level, then I imagine completing my everyday tasks and having a lot more time left over for anything I want to spend it on. Practicing personal responsibility will not only relieve tons of stress and pressure, but lead me to an organized and goal oriented life which will result in success.

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