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Personal responsibility thus means acting accountable for ones actions, being a reliable and, trustworthy person all the while, accepting and, handling burdens as necessary. While teamwork and communication with others is vital to personal responsibility, personal responsibility is highly important to academic success. Personal responsibility is highly important to academic success. “Personal responsibility has long been considered an important component in self-directed learning’. 16) Being accountable for your actions, grades and, behavior while attending school is very important as ell because, nobody else can do it but the student and, it is expected of every student at the University. Honesty is a key ingredient in being responsible and, taking personal responsibility without this, a student cannot possibly be responsible. It is vital in everything he or she does; not just in academics. If a person, not just a student is found to lie to others constantly; they will be viewed as not treatable because, someone cannot be trusted if they lie to others constantly.

Mainly people will not trust someone who lies frequently because; lying is just a stepping stone to bigger issues such as telling and often in school settings plagiarism. Integrity is another component of personal responsibility because, it requires the person having integrity to; have grounded morals and, set values. Some people may have been taught to do what is right because it is the right thing to do. But many in this day in age have not and without integrity many students fall for the ideals of academic misconducts in schools such as, cheating, and plagiarism.

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Academic-integrity responsibility is defined according to Miller, Shoptalk, and Walbridge (Pl 70) as, “ownership of integrity through attitudes, beliefs, ND behaviors that support the role of the entire academic community (individual students, cohorts, and faculty) in promoting a climate of integrity rather than simply being the responsibility of professors”. In academics, integrity is just as vital in order to be responsible as honesty is because; one must possess good morals in order to refrain from negative temptations in academic settings such as cheating, plagiarism and, procrastination.

In order to be able to use personal responsibility to achieve academic success in an online community a student must possess integrity. A student that expresses integrity in everything they do will be more likely to achieve academic success then the student who does not. Timeliness is another component to personal responsibility and, often a cause for failure. A student or worker cannot be responsible, successful, and untimely. While receiving an online education frequently submitting late assignments can be the difference between a passing grade and a failing grade.

So to be personally responsible for his or her academic success, a student must be timely. If a student takes the necessary procedures to be on time whether that be, with assignments, online chat room meetings, or anything that has a deadline the student is more likely to have personal responsibility and been academic success. There are many ways to ensure timeliness such as; keeping with daily to-do lists, planners or, calendars can often stop a student from late assignments, and lower grades. Attention to details and, following directions carefully is vital to handling all academic responsibilities.

Attention to detail is a main component to every student’s academic responsibility. When a student is working towards an education missing out on or, overlooking details could cause a lesser grade than desired r, even a failed grade on an assignment. Every student should understand the importance of paying attention to every detail, and following directions thoroughly even if, it means recording lectures, taking pictures of notes or, assignments in order to remember every detail. Listening is often something students do not do enough but, is vital to personal responsibility in order to be an academic success.

Many listen to what they want to listen to and, not to everything that is told to them. Often it is unpredictable to know when there will be a learning opportunity ahead and because of this, every student is always learning and should always be listening as well as, observing their surroundings, and their peers. If students choose not to listen to the instructor in their class for example; they could miss important deadlines, assignments, notices for tests, or homework. Either way it could affect their academic success negatively.

Following directions is an essential piece to personal responsibility and learning because as a learner a students do not necessarily know what they are doing and need guidance, direction and, attention to properly learn the lesson. Following directions must be followed wrought if a student desires to be academically successful because, they cannot not pass any classes without following due dates for assignments and project procedures as well as, completing tests on time. These examples will direct any student to fail if they do not follow the directions that are asked of them.

Using time management strategies such as, using a calendar or planner, can help uphold everyone’s personal responsibility to their academic success because, it can keep them on track with accomplishing their academic responsibilities on time, it can also help to make sure they have allowed all directions correctly and, they can help them stay focused on the small details often ignored or, overlooked. Writing daily or, weekly to-do lists in these calendars or, planners can also help keep track of all their daily responsibilities in and, out of class.

This can help students to become academically and, professionally successful as well as, leave them feeling accomplished in their personal life too. Remember as well, when making a daily or weekly list of things to be done to schedule adequate sleep, because getting a great nights rest is essential to learning. If all students could focus n and follow these ideals when considering personal responsibility; they would definitely be able to achieve their goals of academic success. While teamwork and communication with others is vital to personal responsibility, personal responsibility is highly important to academic success.

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