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David Perry Personal responsibility meaner holding yourself accountable for our actions, owning up to our own behavior and dealing with the consequences, whatever they may be. In life, we cannot rely on other people to do things for us. It is so easy to blame the people around us when things go wrong, but ultimately it is up to me to determine whether or not I will succeed in life. Everyone has goals in life, but the only way to achieve them is to be realistic and set goals for themselves.

Responsibility is more Han Just thinking or wanting to do something; it is about the actions that go along with those intentions. I love this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility’ (Andersen, 2013). I believe that college success is basically impossible without a good understanding of personal responsibility and what it meaner. Whether we are starting college fresh out of high school, or coming back later in life makes no difference to the instructor or our classmates.

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We are held to the same level of responsibility as everyone else in the class, and are expected to turn our assignments in on time, etc. This is vital especially when it comes to working in learning teams, as we not only let ourselves down when we do not complete something on time; we let our entire team down as well. There is a domino effect that happens when we start becoming lazy with our schoolwork. Once a person gets behind, it is much harder to become motivated to catch up! In our textbook Becoming a Master Student, the author states how time is tot a renewable resource.

It is one thing (unlike most other things in life) that we cannot get back, and once a minute is gone, it is gone forever, so we need to use our time wisely (Ellis, 2011). It is so important to keep our goals in mind, especially when things seem hard or monotonous, so as not to waste the precious little time we have. Ellis (2011) also states muff do have enough time for the things you want to do. All it takes is thinking about the possibilities and making conscious choices” (p. 61).

I know that throughout the course of my college career, it will be my responsibility ND mine alone to ensure that I keep myself on track. My plan is simple, but requires consistency In order Tort It to work. I wall scene ten syllabus Tort whenever class I am currently in at the beginning of each week, and based on what is due that week, I will go through my schedule and plan my days out accordingly. I have found it easiest to do as much work as possible in the beginning of the week, so as not to feel pressured and rushed to finish once I get close to the due date, so I will continue to do that.

Really, I suppose consistency IS my plan. So much of it has to do with time management, and I will have to ensure that I am giving myself enough time each day to check in and respond to discussion questions and my classmates, plus turn my assignments in early or on time. Nobody else is to blame if I drop the ball on turning in an assignment, or mismanage my time. I need to make sure to prioritize my class work above many of the other trivial things that tend take up time in my day.

Technology and the Internet are amazing resources and necessary tools to have when in school but also can be a major distraction! At this point in my life, I know the biggest challenge I face in regard to becoming the student I want to be is being a stay-at-home mom and trying to find the time to focus and concentrate. Reading and writing assignments can be difficult with two young children running around, demanding my immediate attention. However, I am doing this not only for me but also for my children and our future as a family. I want to set the example that going to school is important for them.

I intend to remain motivated and committed to improving myself through attaining a higher education by numbering why I started going back to school in the first place! I will hold myself accountable for my actions, and do my best to remember that I am in control of my destiny. The choices I make are my responsibility, as are the consequences that go along with those choices, and cannot be blamed on anyone else.

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