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I didn’t have any formal education and was reliant on myself to learn through experience and practice. Although I started in an administrative position I knew that I wanted to excel n my Job and require the necessary skills to move up the ladder. As I am impatient of nature, I pushed myself to do this in a relative short space of time. I enrolled for a B Com (CA) degree years later. By this time I was a partner in the business. Unfortunately I did not complete my B Com degree, this I regret to this day. I needed more exposure and challenge and Joined a distribution company in the IT sector.

I felt this necessary to enable me to move to the next level of my career, in my mind this was the path to gain the experience needed to enable me to reach my goal of managing a larger company in the future. I was fortunate to have been thrown into the deep end and this exposed me to quick fixes and obtaining advice from the experienced few. During these periods I was most fortunate to have been forced to sharpen my communication skills and developed flair in ascertaining what colleagues and customers wanted. This led to rapid advancement and has culminated in my placement in senior management echelons. . Self-awareness and reflection 2. 1 Key learning event I Just started as product manager in Pinnacle (2008), when I was instructed by the CEO to place an order on my vendor for 8 000 notebooks. I aim to explore my feeling bout the events that transpired using Atkins and Murphy’s (1994) framework for reflection. Page | 2 2. 2 Atkins & Murphy (1994) (Atkins & Murphy, 1994) 2. 2. 1 Description: The bulk order of 8 000 units landed in our warehouse from the vendor in April 2008. The sales out was very slow in the weeks to come and I implemented a marketing campaign.

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I issued all outbound sales people with a demo machine to promote to their customers, send out email promotions and explored opportunities within the TELLS space as they had the ability to take volume of product in one order. Despite office a few weeks later after dismal sales. He accused me of making the worst buying decision ever. I was shocked and saddened as I was only following close instructions. 2. 2. 2 Analysis Having been with the company for only a few weeks, I did not have enough knowledge or expertise to deal with this event.

Looking back I understand that the CEO was under a lot of pressure due to the business’ undermined cash flow. I didn’t appreciate the way he handled the situation, it should have been a discussion about a problem we are facing together, and how we can set short Page | 3 and medium term goals to resolve the stock problem, not shifting all the blame on e. I now understand that the market was immature for the specific type of notebook, in the introduction stage (The Product Lifestyle, Kettle and Keller, 2009). Effective marketing activities could have enhanced the unexpected slow sales of the product.

I recognize that with experience I would be able to deal with the situation and first ask the questions, I. E. At what stage is the product in the life cycle and what investment is needed to bring the product to market from us and the vendor? 2. 2. 3 Evaluation Although I experienced this event negatively, it has provided me with useful experiences for the future. I realism that nowadays I will not Just take an instruction without critically thinking about the consequences and say no if it doesn’t make business sense.

Having analyses, I now realism a detailed business strategy plan needs to be presented to the CEO, instead of Just placing an order and taking care of the go to market planning afterwards. 2. 2. 4 Learning This understanding is important to me because now I know where I went wrong and if similar situations arise I am better equipped to respond. I can’t follow instructions blindly if I am accountable for the product (brand). As a next step, I need to militarism myself on how to compile a go to market strategy on a product. 3.

Turning point in my career Although I am aware that I possess natural marketing flair and ability, it has become very obvious to me that I lack in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical solutions to corporate financing, planning, human resources and logistics. Page | 4 It has now reached a point where it is not only obvious but very necessary to enroll in the Henley Programmer. An MBA will not only satisfy my passion to further my formal education it will also provide various complimentary aspects to my personal placement. 3. 1 The Henley Star 3. 1. Personal Characteristics/ Values and Beliefs I am achievement orientated and reaching targets keeps me on a high. I am impatient and have a low frustration threshold, which I work very hard to improve on. I enjoy a challenge and have a drive to overcome obstacles. I thrive on pressure. With my team I am flexible as long as I see the results. Page | 5 3. 1. 2 Knowledge and Understanding I know how to explain tasks to people in a way they understand what is expected from them. I have a vast knowledge of the product I currently manage. I also have a read understanding of the workings of my vendor which is critical to my business.

I understand each member of my team, their capabilities and concerns. I understand the processes and procedures within my organizations well. 3. 1. 3 Skills and Experience I have a very good financial understanding on what is important to run a business unit. I have a great relationship with all the individuals at my vendor. I communicate easily with senior and Junior personnel. 3. 1. 4 Effective Behaviors I have a vision of where I want the brand to be in the next 2 years. I believe in leading my team by example. I am open to new ideas and am approachable. I am always positive and encourage my team to do better.

Communication to my senior management is most important, I. E. Performance reporting 3. 1. 5 Outcomes – Individual, Organization & Community Continuous efforts to build my team to overachieve on targets set. I want to uplift the individual team members in the areas they need to excel in the business. I want to keep up to date on my studies at Henley and complete my MBA in the 3 year timeshare. 4. Personal Development I have become lost in what seems a never-ending demand of my daylight hours and I deed to urgently address the fundamentals of time management.

Page | 6 4. 1 Impact of Assignments The assignments we will do this year will give me a good base knowledge to start building the theoretical knowledge and practical solutions I currently feel I am lacking. I have already learnt a great deal about time management. I hope to have a better understanding of the departments within the organizations and how they 4. 2 Overcoming Barriers There will be a number of barriers to meet with the department heads. I propose to overcome these barriers is by offering alternatives, namely:

Option one: Option two: Option three: Option four: Setting up a formal interview during office hours Setting up an informal interview after hours (e. G. Going for coffee) Doing meetings telepathically Sending them an email with a questionnaire of concerns, information, etc. 5. Personal Development Plan I will keep a learning Journal of sequences of events daily of which I write down my thoughts and experiences. This will ultimately help me understand and differentiate my strengths from my weaknesses. 6. Conclusion I plan to progress to board level and beyond and have set my goals in achieving this.

I plan to enjoy the proceeds of success and to improve my quality of life. I have set my goals in understanding every aspect of business and will apply myself in achieving this. I am sure that by completing the MBA that would be a strong validation of the work that I have been doing in my career to date and this will formalism my positional standing in the company. Page | 7 7. References Atkins S, Murphy K (1994) Reflective Practice. Nursing Standard 8(39)49-56 Kettle, P and Keller, KILL (2009). Marketing Management. 13th Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Henley Core Material, The Henley Star Page | 8

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