Strategic Planning Assignment

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After the financial meltdown tarring from my Interest was sparked by the financial world. I embarked on the Journey of choosing the best degree course for my plans as well as the core subject area I wanted to explore. That’s how I chose this degree course of Business Finance. As I realized I wanted to open my own Financial Consultancy business. Currently, I want to complete my first session and thus, first year of my degree course of Business Finance. This will help in carving a niche for me in the Finance industry. After the degree I would do SFA before commencing work on my own business.

Going through the various learning theories, I find Kola’s learning theory most useful as it emphasizes that the human mind can be an Activist, Reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist all together, as part of an interlinked process of understanding a matter. (Learning and Teaching Home, 2011) Along with this, an analysis of my SCOTS (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) will make Lifelong Learning achievable for me. My strong points are my reflection on concrete experience and the application of known theories to It; patience, organized-work, self-discipline, time- ailing, and communication skills.

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My weaknesses that can prove detrimental to achieving my goals are constant self-criticism/perfectionism’s of self-assurance and losing focus/interest. The opportunities available to me that may help me in my aims are the availability of online learning/research materials to understand my lessons better; and if time permits, part-time Jobs will be highly useful for direct application of the knowledge gained. The threats that I fear are if my weaknesses eclipses my efforts and leads to my repeating a module.

Luckily, distance learning squires students to be organized and time-conscious to succeed. Additionally, the lessons-design by the RID team is very affective as it provides numerous exercises and motivations to keep students interested in the subject. The group learning assignments are a further Interesting part that will keep me focused. Tutor/mentor support will counteract my lack of self-assurance and doubts. An Intelligent use of the vast online research materials will help In my assignment and research-based work. Therefore, with all the combined positivistic and efforts, I may overcome my

Development Goals Details GOAL 1 Secure a place in a reputable University Goal IA Research and select the most suitable degree course Goal B Choose the appropriate subject area& select universities Octobers Focus on core subject-area Goal ICC Attend a manicures on Finance Goal ID Application process to the selected universities GOAL 2 Successful completion of first year of University Goal AAA Completion of Induction, Personal Development, Decision Making Modules July’s Integrate: the gained knowledge/ information in my assignments; general irrespective Goal B Completion of Business Environment, Organizational Behavior Modules Goal C Completion of Introduction to Finance, Principles of Marketing Modules Goal AD Completion of Business Process, Business Law Modules Commencement Date Benefits July’s Realization of goal of getting a bachelors degree July’s The stepping stone towards accomplishing qualifications necessary for my career Clear idea about degree courses and their potential January’s Awareness about finance Appraisal Better chance of securing place in the ideal university

July’s Token of achievement; encouragement for my efforts; entry into next level Octobers [Same as to the left] January’s [Same as to the left] Appraisal [Same as to the left] In depth knowledge of various universities and Enlightenment about subjected foundation to understanding several financial Learned application decontamination’s credits will be earned accredits will be earned degree courses contribution to career Bought/read the books Careers 2012 and an A-Z of Careers and Jobs; Searched the internet for universities websites for detailed information. Internet; bookstores. Attended GET Autumn 2011, DUKES 2011; Read ‘Choosing Your Degree Course & University’; ‘Business Brief’ aspects &procedure Activities Undertaken for Development Research; manicures; applications Enrolled in manicures Finance for Non-Financial Managers& Professionals Training Course Application to universities Rigorous studies; minimum accredits completion/session Organized schedule of study, devoting minimum 14 hrs/week to studies; research all materials, peruse the RD’ materials; ask when in doubt; try to do the practice [Same as to the left]

Resources or Other Forms of Support Needed Internet search engine; educational exhibitions; bookstores; academic documents, attested; mini course on Finance Not finding a suitable university in this duration; the best university’s fee may exceed my budget Educational exhibitions, bookstores; internet Prior reading: financial accounting; working knowledge of: Laptop& Microsoft Excel; course materials; course mentors Application Documentation; Essays&Resume; Application filling; Interview Preparation RD’ study materials; Anglia Risking library; Tutor guidance; Internet research/ codebooks Problems That Could be Encountered Not detailed information available on universities’ websites Reading a subject area in a book or on the net cannot prove to be a very accurate or a realistic experience January’s Attending exhibitions gave me wide range of options to choose from with detailed knowledge about the costs associated with them Three day course might not prove sufficient for instilling the aspects of finance Application reaching after admission deadline Misjudging the time allotted to each module; delay in assignment submission/ preparation

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