The Planning Cycle Assignment

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During the starter workshop we were introduced to various models and tools that will aid in identifying these, as well s models that will allow me to critically analyses my learning events thus far. The process of developing the plan will involve a critical assessment of past experiences and my achievements thus far, the envisioning of a desired future state and the identification of clearly defined actions that if completed will ensure success, and the realization of my goals. 2. Reflection of my personal development 2.

Academic development Journey Academic excellence and the importance of education was constantly emphasized throughout my childhood. My father lectures biochemistry at a university in Durban ND holds multiple degrees including his masters’ degree, so expectations have always been very high. Soon after completing school, I began my National Diploma Information Technology. I decided to Join the workforce while studying and so began my Journey of studying part-time. Soon after completion where I graduated magna UCM lauded, I acquired my Bachelors Degree Information Technology and subsequently enrolled for a Masters Degree Information Technology. . 2. A reflection of a past event Studying part-time is demanding and required me to be disciplined in order to be successful. It is with that same level of discipline and focus on detail that I function now. According to the results of the Honey and Uniform Learning styles questionnaire (Honey and Uniform, 2000), I am a ‘Pragmatist’ which means that I am an individual that realizes the value of learning when it is able This preference lends to a very logical and methodical way of approaching situations.

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The opportunity presented to me, of being appointed Head of Information Technology by the shareholders of my organization in 2007 invoked mixed feelings. I initially felt a sense of pride and excitement, but this soon turned to skepticism and a ear of the unfamiliar. Following my appointment, I soon attended a Management Learning Development Program which was one of the most challenging group learning exercises in which I participated. Whilst the program was designed to encourage and develop management aptitude in a group setting, the overall experience was quite overwhelming.

Using the Henley Star (Stagnant, 2013) to critically analyses the Learning Development Program has confirmed the results of the learning style assessment. Figure 1- Henley Star for past learning event According to the model, I am an individual that thrives on detailed, structured and social problem solving. This preference coupled with my vast technical knowledge and experience enables me to 4 translate detailed actions plans into systems that enable organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Secondly, I am passionate about managing and leading people.

I have the ability to motivate individuals and galvanism the efforts of a group of people in order for them to become a high performing team that delivers on targets. During the program, I experienced difficulty contributing to group tasks that did not involve detailed or technical activities. I lacked confidence and as a result displayed emitted participation in activities that involved defining organizational strategic objectives due to my limited knowledge of business functions that did not require technical expertise.

The success I have achieved in my career thus far is primarily due to hard work, commitment, determination and the successful application of technical skills that I have acquired through formal training and tertiary education. Whilst it is this passion that continues to drive me, my role within Coffee and Swartz or any other organization requires transition, from a functional role focused n day-to-day tasks and activities, to a cross-functional management role concerned with defining and driving the strategic objectives of the organization.

Further analysis of my future goals and the Henley Star (see Figure 2), makes it apparent that they will only be achieved by successfully acquiring diverse skills. Some of these skills are sound knowledge of financial management and accounting activities, in-depth understanding of all business functions and the ability to assess business activities and opportunities from different perspectives. 5 Figure 2 – Henley Star for future goals . 1 . Why the Henley MBA? The decision to pursue my MBA with Henley Business School was not taken lightly.

I needed to identify a means to hone my business knowledge and skills in an environment that enabled me to leverage off the skills and experience of industry experts in their respective fields, whilst operating in an environment that is conducive to learning in my preferred learning style. I also required a program that was flexible and did not require much time away from the office, and one that encouraged a balance between work, life and study. Following careful consideration, he Henley MBA seemed like the right answer. 4. Impact of the assignments in stage 1 4. . Positives The Henley MBA is vital to my development and I believe that I am going to extract tremendous value from the course. Whilst the Managing Financial Resources and Managing People Performance modules will be challenging, they will allow me to focus on key aspects already identified as development areas. I am particularly looking forward to the elective pathway “The High Performing Team” which forms part of the Managing People and Performance module. 4. 2. Challenges I am an individual that requires structure and organization.

The starter workshop was very important and I now understand the reason for the strong emphasis on managing work, life and study balance. I will manage my MBA in the same way that I identify key milestones and deliverables and adhere to my defined timeline. I have realized the benefits of group study and my aim is to ensure that I am active and a valuable participant in my group. I have discussed the impact of the MBA program with my manager, and I am fortunate to have the support of everyone in the organization, this includes study eave for workshops, participation of the management team when required and access to financial information.

Most important thus far has been the tremendous support that I have received from my wife and son. While I am still at the beginning of this Journey, the constant support I receive from my wife in particular plays a pivotal role in motivating and inspiring me. 5. Development plan Throughout the MBA I will utilize the Henley Journal for reflection together with my project plan to monitor my progress. Managing time and outputs is crucial to ensuring that I remain on schedule and complete the program within 3 years.

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