Paper on High School Students and the influence Assignment

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High choler’s nowadays have many new forms of technology and social media they can possibly hurt their overall reputation, not to mention the scones ounces that could be fixed. High schools have to monitor what gets posted, but at the same time punishing a student for what they post online can also be considered as breaking the first amendment. As this may be a good step in directing students on a better path, there’s also a time when schools need to take a step back and both parents handled their children.

Parents are suppose to have discipline with their children and reprimand hem when something bad occurs, such as an inappropriate post on social media. Schools have the right to punish students if the school is involved in anyway, but there is also a boundary on when to punish and when to let it go. Parents are suppose to be our protectors, guardians, and role models, but if the school is doing their job, is there even a need for parents?

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Contrary to a post on social media being related to the school, if its not related to the school, the administration shouldn’t have to worry about what consequences should be put in place for the wrongdoing students. If a student is involved in an extracurricular activity on the other hand, the consequences may have to be put in place due to the fact that athletes and participating students have a certain standard and character to live up to. These participating students also may have signed an agreement with their parents to be mindful on what’s posted on social media.

This would keep the team and schools reputation intact in its original form. Although high schools don’t go out of their way to look for the inappropriate posts online, students should know to only post hinges that won’t get them into trouble. Administration in schools should punish students if it involves the school in anyway or if the student is a part of an extracurricular activity, but the punishment should be reasonable and not too extreme.

Parents are supposed to have discipline with their children and reprimand them when something such as posting something bad occurs. School should have a set of consequences for everyone without taking them too far. Graduation is a time for happiness, joy, and relief that school is over. What some people don ‘t know is that this could possibly change. Requirements that are in place currently are either too easy or too hard to complete for graduation. Instead of making requirements even more difficult, the higher ranked classes above on level should be made harder.

This would ensure that student who already have a difficult time with school wouldn’t have an even bigger burden on their shoulders. Schoolwork has already been made harder over the past 20 years and some students are still struggling to pass the basic classes. By increasing the graduation requirements, the number of dropouts and flankers will increase as well. Advanced classes are proven to be not so advanced if requirements for graduation are being increased.

These classes should have harder assignments before requirements are increased. High school has proven to be a difficult time frame in many teens’ lives, therefore why should the difficulty be increased for the struggling ones. Some schools offer different graduation plans, which could be added to the ‘increase difficulty list’ to better help the students who aren’t as gifted at school. Graduation is a time for celebration, so let’s not take it away from the students that struggle.

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