Assisting high school students to succeed in school through Assignment

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Cherry expert of psychology, defines motivation as “a process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. It involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behavior”. This essay, therefore, seeks to highlight ways in which high school students can be assisted to succeed through motivation. Motivation is of two types intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation,is of an internal nature,where a person performs a task based on its importance to them,extrinsic motivation on the other hand is of an external nature ,in which the job will be rewarding to the individual performing the task. Leadership. Com,2013) Most students who lack motivation often don’t want to learn. Statistics shows one-third of students who enter high school drop out before graduation(Gordon , n. D. ). Parents should be involved in the lives of children to foster academic motivation since they play a significant role in their child’s academic accomplishments. “Research shows ,that when parents are involved in the lives of adolescents,they do better in school and that education works best when there is a teacher/parent collaboration”;(US. Department of Education,2002).

In Mary Sherry’s In praise of the “F” word ,Sherry says after speaking with her son’s English teacher, Mrs.. Stiffer,about his poor performance; she is going to flunk you, “l told my son”;thereafter English became priority and he completed the class with an A . Students who are aware of the importance and interest placed on their school work by their parents are likely to feel motivated to strive to do better in school. Moreover, having a parent shutdown to go over more difficult work can be very helpful in motivating low achievers (University of Michigan (ZOOM), n. . ). There are many strategies to motivate students; for example, constructing shortened entertaining and exciting learning times study conducted in 1996,by professors Joan Undermined and Alan Kalmia of India University; in the national teaching and learning Forum journal; stated that “Students need 3-5 minute periods of settling down; followed by 10-18 minutes of optimal focus”. These time periods give students less information to sift through; making it simple to learn, creating understanding of the material taught thereby, facilitating motivation.

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According to Mary Sherry(n. Flunking is also a positive teaching tool, in which teachers make good on their threats, and parents support them because it is in the best interest of their child. The use of innovative teaching techniques makes learning enjoyable to enhance its delivery. Another would be active learning strategies which range from long-term simulation to five minute cooperative problem-solving exercises. ” These stimulate inquiry and interest as students acquire knowledge and p. 278, cited in Montgomery, Brown, & Deere,1 997, p. 219).

Active learning techniques have many benefits; they are detent-centered, maximize participation; motivates students and encourages students to approach the material with an open mind. (Bonier&Eison,1 991; Largesse’ 1989; Neckerchief, 1999. Schaffer & Shafted, 1976; Van meets, 1994). In teaching, an atmosphere conducive to greater student satisfaction should be created through versatility. (Ken Pain,2004 ) Suggest the use of three learning styles which assist in motivating students to succeed. Deep learners respond well to conquering difficult subjects.

Therefore, these students must be challenged to be motivated. Strategic learners are titivated principally by rewards. These students perform creditably in competition and opportunity to better others. Lastly, surface learners are those motivated by the need to evade failure. These learners should be regularly encouraged and reminded to reflect on accomplishments Of learning. However, teachers need to break away from the traditional classroom setting into one that is conducive for the class being taught.

Teaching and learning can become spontaneous and centered on the student, therefore, removing the four walls of the classroom allows significant learning to occur hen students practice what is done theoretically from behind a desk within the field, these experiences are supreme in the learning potential of students. Field experiences inspire students to continue within those Technology in the classroom allows utilization of interactive educational tools; thus allowing dynamic learning that directly benefits students. Web 2. Computer application Technologies such as bedposts and voodooist, allow students to learn at their pace and relearn content whenever needed (Boundless. Com, n. D. ). Len Clifford Strolls Cybernetics, he writes students will come empowered, and enabled by the digital classroom through an optimal learning environment. My belief is that, children are acquainted and affluent with technology, therefore integrating it into the classroom will cultivate excitement, learning and participation; which aims to promote motivation.

Rewards that will boost self-esteem and motivate a student must be incorporated to assist in student’s success. Receiving recognition by tangible means allows students to believe in themselves. Also, by providing Intrinsically motivated students a prize for prompt submission of assignments. However, an extrinsically motivated student can be given a trophy for highest overall achievement. Rewards have far reaching benefits where, intrinsically motivated students will be happy with a career that produces enjoyment and interest.

While, the extrinsic motivated student is comfortable with a generous salary and a promotion(ken Pain,2004. ). Mary Sherry(n. D) says each time she walks into a classroom, she as a teacher, has to get the attention of students, no matter that distraction at hand. Throughout our educational life from kindergarten to university and work ivies, awards are dynamically being revolutionized but serve the same purpose. In my educational life, my grades were my rewards ;now that am gainfully employed, I look to promotions that became my new motivation.

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