Orensic Anthropology Field School Assignment

Orensic Anthropology Field School Assignment Words: 524

Hard copies of assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date (except for labs, which are due at the end f the lab class). If you are ill and have a doctor’s note, you may email the assignment to me prior to the class in which it is due. Policies regarding religious holidays and accommodations for religious activities from Section 3. 1 of the 2006-2007 Faculty Handbook: Absent for Religious Holidays: The general tenor of the university policy regarding accommodations for religious observances is that no student should suffer academic penalty because of the observance of their faith.

For example, students may wish to be excused from classes or examinations for religious reasons on Holy Days r on the Jewish Sabbath (one-and a-half hours before sunset Friday to one- and-a-half hours after sunset on Saturday), or on Friday at 1:00 p. M. For Muslim community prayers. Students have a responsibility to alert members of the teaching staff in a timely fashion to upcoming religious observances and anticipated absences. Every effort should be made to avoid scheduling tests, examinations or other compulsory activities at these times.

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If compulsory activities are unavoidable, every reasonable opportunity should be given to these students to make up work that they miss, particularly in rouses involving laboratory work. When the scheduling of tests or examinations cannot be avoided, students should be informed of the procedure to be followed to arrange to write at an alternate time. While the University’s policy makes no special provision for Holy Days of other faiths, the same general consideration is understood to apply: no students should be seriously disadvantaged because of their religious beliefs.

Final Grades: Final grades will be calculated according to the weights listed in the Grading Scheme. There will be no make up assignments or extra credit assignments. The grades you earn on your assignments are the grades you will receive. The breakdown of percentages into letter grades, GAP and grade definitions is viewable here: http://www. Redundancies. Toronto. Ca/for/calendar/ rules. HTML#grading Student Participation Policy: Students are expected to do the required readings before attending lecture/ lab.

There will be no time to read the text before starting the lab. Each lab is based upon text and assigned materials. Lectures will NOT be posted online. It is the student’s responsibility to come to class and take notes. A handout sting tips on efficient note taking is linked in the recommended reading section, below. Students are encouraged to take advantage of workshops in note taking and other study skills provided by The Robert Gillespie Academic Skills centre. Student questions are encouraged during lecture and lab.

Course Rationale: This course provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to searching for, documenting, and recovering human remains and associated exhibits from outdoor scenes. Crime scene protocols and the role of the forensic anthropologist during crime scene investigations are emphasized. This course encourages students to develop their critical thinking skills and focuses on a reflective learning approach to create an experience-based learning opportunity.

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