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The island has been famous by its white powdery sand beaches and its clear blue water. Says premier suites, the island’s one of the most stylish resort, a place away from crowded area where you can relax and enjoy, feel the fresh air from the verandah and listen to the toss of the waves. Located in the southern part of the island, a great place for retreat and away from hubbub. Behind its wall is where you can find serenity and harmony. Playa says resort, its name was given by Dona Amelia Congou, the mother of ran. Ramona Congou jar. The name derived from the Spanish word playa which means “beach” and says a Filipino term for Asia.

Playa says resort was classified as a triple A (AAA) class of hotel, located at Alice wonderland street, managed manioc manioc portray, Malay, Klan. Says premier suites has twenty eight spacious suites. From selected artwork, interior and exterior design of the rooms. Anticipating the needs of the guest(s) of Says premier suites. The resort supplied with complete bathroom and room amenities. The resort also providing shuttle services upon request for special trips. Several steps down stairs from the reception area you can e the different and luxurious villa of the resort.

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As you go down stairs continuously you will reach HTH wide and clear blue water pool, it has 2 feet deep On both sides for the children under 7 years old and 4 feet deep at the center for the adults. At the left side of the pool is the Dalai bar which is open from 6 am until 11 pm dalai bar has a great view to the beach especially in the sunset. Twenty five steps down stairs from the dalai bar, is the Play restaurant, Says premier very own restaurant which has spacious area and offers variety of foods and drinks both for in house and walk in guest(s). Says premier suites also caters wedding packages and other functions.

General objectives This training is one of requirement to fulfill the Bachelors Degree of the Bachelor of science in hotel and restaurant technology course. By this kind of activity it helps a BASHER student to experience the real world of hospitality industry. Specific objectives By this training the school allows BASHER students to undergo specific number of hours in different hospitality establishments to conduct trainings and real hospitality tasks with appropriate tools and methods to be used. Strategies and Methods . Pre on-the-job training activity Before going to the establishment where we go to our trainings.

The school conducts an orientation for some reminders. B. Orientation by the cooperating agency The cooperating agency Plasterwork’s, Inc. Conducts also an orientation about rules and regulation in the hotel before going to our tasks. A. Housekeeping Department Housekeeping department work procedure Make-up room sequence: . Knock the door three times (xx) 2. Enter the guest room Hang the “cleaning in progress” sign 3. 4. Open the main door, sliding door going to verandah 5. Turn on/off the lights 6. Open curtains 7. Pull-out the garbage 8. Pull-out the food trays and left over food items Re-place complimentary bottle of water 9. 0. Arrange the beddings 11. Final check of the point person 12. Note room status on the worksheet and proceed to the next room. Check-in/out room sequence: 1 . Knock the door three times (xx) 3. Hang the “cleaning progress” sign 4. Turn on/off the lights 5. Open curtains 6. Pull-out garbage Pull-out used linens 7. 9. Wash used glasses and mugs 10. Change bathroom amenities 11. Dust room thoroughly Main door Mirror Closet Lamp shade Window Round glass table Etc. 12. Check the mini bar if there is any charges to the guest 13. Clean and sanitize the shower Wall, toilet, bath tub, sinks 14.

Set-up bathroom and guest amenities Bath soap Shampoo Hand soap Shower gel Conditioner Lotion Roll tissue Facial tissue 2 toothbrush Shower cap Sanitary bag Shaving kit (all-in guest) Waffle slipper (all-in guest) Vanity kit (all-in guest) Sewing kit (all-in guest) 3 Bath towel 3 Face towel 3 Hand towel 15. Set-up mini bar 16. Change the beddings 17. Vacuum the floor 18. Mop the floor Final check of the Housekeeping supervisor 19. Bath mat Note room status on daily worksheet and proceed to the next room. Turn down service sequence: 1. Knock the Door three times (xx) Open curtains 3.

Arrange the furniture 4. Pull-out the empty ice bucket from the room and change with a new one with full of ice. 5. Move the TV towards guest bed direction then put remotes in the table beside the guest’s bed 6. Make up the bed 7. Clean the bathroom B. Food and Beverage department The Food and beverage department in a hotel plays a very important role in its operation. It deals a lot of comfort for the guest and also adds income to he hotel. It is one department that deals a huge impression to the guest towards to the hotel’s image because this department has a direct contact with them.

Says premier suites has its own restaurant called “Play restaurant” It offers Euro-Asian cuisine that will enhance your appetite when you try to dine-in and taste their Pastas and Pizzas. Dalai bar also offer a wide selection of drinks from cocktails, beers, to extensive wine list and other beverages. C. Front office department Says premier suites front office department has a high operating procedures. First things first, must always on time of duty as conduct a one week duty in the front office department I always do the following: Check the log book for some endorsement or important messages from the last shift before our shift.

Check the guest list in order to know how many guest(s) will arrive or depart. D. Production area My final department, my last assignment was in the kitchen or production area in this area needs to be flexible, careful, active and attentive because it deals with foods and because the guest expect a prompt service. When in this area I gain a lot of cooking methods and techniques. As my knowledge grows I gain also weight. In this area this is one of the busiest department. They keep on moving doing their jobs and also as a trainee I go on the flow. This is not new for me the tasks like cooking washing dishes and pots and pans etc. ND other tasks they assigned to me to do. In terms of cleanliness and orderliness they impose clean as you go and also first in, first out (FIFO) for their stocks. Actual photos, tasks from different departments Results, Observations and lesson learned A lot of lessons, knowledge, ideas I’ve learned after all of my on the job raining, how to deal a problem/complain in a face to face situation, how flexible team must be, how every department works on their own tasks in order to give our guest(s) a great stay in the hotel by providing their needs and wants.

I’ve learned also the professionalism in work, to be honest at all times even the guest(s) didn’t saw you how to work, the patience and dedication towards the task and how to adjust to the guest(s). Attitude is one of the important thing in this industry, I admit I am not too good that person, but in this final ND last training of this course, I realized that the guest(s) trust me to do my task promptly, so I must give them the best service can give to them.

Problems, solution and lesson learned Problem Solution Lesson learned High bills for room rental water and electricity bills Be thrifty in everything Money come and go in our hands. Leaving alone with no regular income is very difficult When I got sick for several days turns to weak performance take appropriate medicine and enough rest We have only one body, if it abused everything will be lost and your hardship ill be gone. So take care of our health. Personal verbal offense towards others Keep quite In hospitality industry we must be very flexible with other traits.

Us Mary November 3, 2014. I started my On the job training at Says premier suites. To fulfill my 700 hours duty ended last February 9, 2015. The hotel policies is not new to me, I expect that in this training will meet problems. One is the difficulty of the guest(s) to speak universal language which is English. As a server must adjust on them. I just use signs in order to communicate with them, patience is a must. Food and beverage department for me was so exciting and challenging, especially when there is a wedding event.

In the housekeeping department one of the biggest source of revenue of the hotel, taught me a lot especially in the in the aspect Of being honest to your job. Front office department, a very complicated department of a hotel taught me how to entertain our guest from a long tired day(s) of traveling. How to communicate well despite of complains that they are telling. Production area, is the most critical department for me, because we are dealing with foods hat was served to the guests, this area taught me to be responsible of everything especially with the foods we served.

After my training I realized finally In the real industry, it was very challenging, every day I went to my job I expect new experience that will teach me new things. Standard procedure of the hotel is not too hard because to me to follow because love this job and want to pass this training. Conclusions Overall my on the job training was so amazing, despite Of many problems and obstacles I faced. I’ve met my expectation in the industry, the hardship of the asks especially in the busy days.

But behind of that is the joy that I experience to deal with different moody guest(s) and staffs, that moments are the things that I can treasure in my entire life. As my instructor said the industry is very dynamic it is a fast growing industry so must go with it also. This training gave me a lot of lessons in life and I realized that I’m not mistaken to take this course. Recommendation To the cooperating agency, Playa Assessors, Inc. May you continue to accept trainees like me to continue develop and train new hoteliers for the future industry.

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