Example of Negotiation Assignment

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This is the second meeting between me (Sales and Marketing Director for the Khao-Lak Resort and Spa) and Miss Natalie, A leading European Tour Operator from Italy (acted by Khun Suparadee) In the meeting, we still focusing on win-win situation or compromising because we would like to keep relationship between the resort and her company and we would like to keep the future sales opportunities.

From the last meeting, I was presented her about my resort background and also facilities and services. Furthermore, I was showed her of the resort package included price, room facilities and activities. However, in this meeting I want try to promote and sell her about the new luxury rooms which were renovated rooms in the boutique styles and the beautiful decoration but the price is higher than the last package that I have to showed her.

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During the meeting, I give her information, try to sell new rooms and negotiate many things for examples; terms of payment, her company can pay by using a credit card I think it can be more comfortable for her company. Normally, she should give my resort knows about the name of the guest within 4 weeks and can be 2 days last minute late for new customer but her company will pay 50% money for guarantee rate to the resort’s account.

For the cancellation policy, normally 15% if the guest needs to cancel room within 4 weeks, 80% cancellation policy for customer who need to cancel room within 2-3 weeks and 100% for one week or no show. However, I prefer to offer her company with a new policy after we were talked, I will give her 50% cancellation for customer who need to cancel room within 2-3 weeks and she preferred in this agreement also the customer can check out 2 hours late as well.

For the other agreements, I talked with her to help me about the display in Tour Operator Brochure and website, I want her to put my resort advertisement in the front page of the brochure and promote my resort more than the other resort in this region. She requested me for $10,000 per year But in my opinion it was expensive then, I was negotiated her to reduce the advertisement rate to $5,000 per year, she think too much and gave me for 7,000 per and I was preferred in this rate at the final time. Anyway, I will try to show her company’s information to promote in my website also. Further more, I still give her the same commission that I talked to her in the first meeting it was concerned about offer 10 room’s allotment in 1 year if her company come to stay in my resort with 50 rooms and offer her about 20% discount of room rate for her company staff by showing the identity of the company card.

The important thing before we have an agreement if something mistake from my resort, I will give her a higher room rate and higher room style. The last topic that we have talked together, my resort will give her a VCD which is present about the resort atmosphere, facilities, services, safety system in resort to promote my resort in her country.

Before she comes back I give her a special promotion for Tour Operator staff to trial to stay in the resort with 2 rooms in 2 days 1 night and I will demonstrate her staff in terms of services and security system. She is happy very much and after she arrive her country she will present my resort to her boss and write the contract. And she will come back to trial to stay at my resort in the future for sure. Moreover, she will sign a contract with my resort if her boss satisfied in my resort and my promotion.

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