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There are different ruinations ins processes, being sexual reassignment therapy, including sex reassignment surgery or hormone replacement surgery. To begin transitioning there are personal choices that need to be discussed with family or at least doctors/surgeons. Although there are choices to be made many people say the significant parts Of the transition is coming out for the first time. When transitioning it isn’t a process that will take months, it will be a process that takes years as the gender is rediscover from their eyes.

Generally transgender reassignments begin in a place where the transgender errors is happy to talk about issues openly, usually beginning with their families who are supportive and caring, eventually reaching out to friends. With many people wanting to change their gender, but still having to be aware of their position in the community and workplace. As well as the transitioning process where there are also a variety of risks involved. Within a survey of 1 8 people only 5 people knew of challenges faced by many transgender people (refer to graph 1).

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Significant challenges for many transgender people, involve mental health issues. A person’s mental health is looked at before prescribing any of the puberty blockers, hormone therapies or undergoing a sex reassignment-2 Transgender people are helped by mental health care practitioners to control their emotions. Majority of the mental health issues experienced by transgender people are anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, which is helped by care practitioners and family support.

Other issues include the pain of undergoing a sex reassignment, severe health conditions and divorces if in a marriage. From the surgeons point Of view the patients mental State, hormone therapy and regards to their gender identity are the most important issues to consider before they surgery begins. Earlier childhood memories will always stick with a person whether they are good or bad memories, any harassment or bullying faced in the school yard from children who weren’t exposed to the education of transgender.

Toys that children were able to play with would be a factor in the child’s childhood, for example: some boys when they are young pick up Barbie dolls, and causally begin playing with them which some parents do not agree on, and believe that the boys should be playing with trucks and logo, while the girls are playing with Barbie’s and dresses but for transgender children the toys they play with may be different.

Puberty can be hard for anyone but it is likely to be more complicated in a transgender person’s life, as they have to take medication and procedures to stop their bodies adapting in to body specifics. One of the common medications is puberty blockers, which is a tablet that stops the body forming into the body given in the genes at birth. Other struggles of being transgender can include financial independence and emotional, family support. Work colleagues will also need to be understanding and possibly seek out some education to help support their work peers.

Research suggests that education of transgender needs to be increased as a poll conducted by Pew showed 90% of Americans personally knew someone who is gay, lesbian or bi sexual while only 8% say they personally know someone who is transgender-3 People are beginning to find out more about transgender through celebrities and the media, not at schools unless dents have been involved in the SHINE course from year eight unless attending a private school or choosing a different course within the public school system as some students may chose to do which doesn’t help the education of transgender society awareness until the senior school if transgender fits into the subjects. The more transgender is spoken about in school the more awareness which will be in the general community, as well transgender people will be more comfortable about coming out in the school environment as there will be people who know how to support and help them.

For many people finding stable employment is hard without certain qualifications, but it only gets harder when you are also transgender. Although there are many laws and policies in place to protect transgender people in the workplace many employees may not accept the fact of having gender undefined employees within the work place. It also makes it hard when they are unsure of which toilet they are able to use, as well as the employees they are able to associate within the workplace. In a recent survey taken place in America by transgender workers there were reports that more Han 4 in 10 (44%) transgender people are currently underemployed. 4 Through the transitioning process there are different levels of risks involved.

Suicide is a big risk in all stages of transgender, especially when the individuals feel like they are unworthy in the world and that the whole world is against them. After a survey was conducted in 201 0 there was a staggering 41 % of transgender people attempted suicide in the US, while 19% of them were refused medical care due to their gender nonconforming identities. 5 When thinking about the current society and how gendered the Australian society is there would be many confronting moments for each person. Depending on the situation to how they control their emotions and actions, but with people being refused medical care the percentage of deaths will rise from gender nonconforming in young teens than any other disease or illness.

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