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Anti – Sex Reassignment Surgery Sex reassignment surgery (initialized as SIRS; also known as gender reassignment surgery (GRASS), genital reconstruction surgery, sex affirmation surgery or sex realignment surgery) is a term for the surgical procedures by which a person’s physical appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics are altered to resemble that of the other sex. Sex reassignment surgery should not be allowed because of its health risk, it also can affect you psychologically, and it is immoral.

Due o lack of research and methods of treatment being unavailable, the transgender often face health risk such as suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, HIVE, cervical or breast cancer and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. According to an article that I have read, “A review for the Guardian in 2005 of more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transsexuals by the University of Birmingham Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility found no robust scientific evidence that gender reassignment surgery was clinically effective. ” Treatment is brutal and the exults far from perfect.

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Male-to-female surgery involves removal of the penis and scrotum and the construction of a “vagina” using the skin from the phallus, breast implants inserted and the trachea shaved. For female-to-male surgery, breasts, womb and ovaries are removed. Testosterone injections, usually prescribed shortly after the initial diagnosis, result in the growth of facial hair and deepening of the voice. Why Sex reassignment surgeries become immoral? According to the bible (Genesis 1 :27-AAA) “So God created people in his own image; God patterned them after myself; male and female he created them.

God blessed them and told them, multiply and fill the earth and subdue it”. First, from a religious standpoint, gender change is immoral. This is quite obvious, from a religious view, we were put on Earth the way we are and to change that goes against God. It also tells us that us that His creation was excellent in every way. To say that a sex change is okay is to say that when God created a certain individual, He made a mistake. Those who have given testimony to having a sex change almost always say the same thing. L was made a Oman but put in a man’s body’ or “l was made a man but put in a woman’s body. ” This denies what God has said about His creation?that it was excellent in every way. God is saying that He made men to be men and women to be women. Transgender may accuse me that I’m administrating them and they would tell me that they should have the freedom whether they like to take surgery. And my answer for that is I’m not administrating them, l’ am not against them. My point is that they don’t have to undergo this kind of surgery they should accept and be satisfied what

God have given them. And what I’m trying to tell is, Medical science cannot turn a biological male into a biological female ? it can only alter the appearance of body parts. A trans-sexual “woman” will always be a biological male. Even if a man has a sex change and becomes a woman in some form, he is still a man inside and does not nave the bill TTY to reproduce. The “sex change” surgeons know they can’t change a persons’ sex, they can only create a non-functional appearance of the other sex. So what’s the point of having this kind operation?

Nothings change, given that you have the female organ that you desire, but you’re still the same, you’re still a man. Yes, you’ll be satisfied after the operation, but have you considered the possibilities that might occur with your health or have you thought what would be the effect of it with your daily life or for the coming future. I come away with the realization that sex changes are not effective. Homosexual and transgender activists continue to push sex change surgery as the necessary treatment but it may, in fact, cause irreversible damage to the patient.

Anyone engendering the surgery, should proceed with extreme caution and be evaluated by psychologists who do not have a reputation of promoting the surgery. If you feel trapped in the wrong body, all you need is sex change surgery and your problems will go away and your dreams will come true, right? No. The fact is surgery will not fix the underlying delusional psychological problems that caused the request for surgery. I also found that medical research concerning the outcomes is very sparse, considering how life-changing the surgery is, and how very permanent the results are.

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