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The guest cycle and the operational and managerial activities for each stage. They should also be able to come up with reports on evaluating operations in the rooms division. Communication between housekeeping and other Hotel departments. Human resources in the rooms division department and its importance. Course Outline 1 . The Rooms Dolls Introduction Organization of the Rooms Division Organization of rooms division department Interrelationship and communication within rooms Division department with other departments 2.

Housekeeping The role of the housekeeping department Management theory and the housekeeper Housekeeping operations Liaison of Housekeeping and Front Office Automated rooms management In hotels Budgeting and control Planning and forecasting 3. Front Office Operations Organization of the Front Office The role of the Front Office The guest cycle Registration Responsibility during guest stay Checkout and settlement Evaluating Front Office Customer care skills 4. Reservations Roles of Reservation Link with marketing Operations Concept of yield management Reservations management 5.

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Night Audit The process Daily Revenue report Relevance 6. Management Functions of Rooms Division Planning, Organizing, Leading and controlling Establishing room rates Forecasting room availability Budgeting for operations Managing human resources Qualities of Front Office Staff Evaluating of Front Office Operations 7. Human resource management in rooms’ division department Recruitment and selection Induction and training Motivation and empowerment Staff disciplining Methodology The course will be taught through lectures, discussions, class presentations and research and industrial visits.

Practical (a) Seek consent to do daily cleaning of a room following the required procedure, (b) Make a list of all cleaning chemicals used. (c)Make a bed ensuring you grasp the procedure (50) it. Report on the important concepts learnt in the housekeeping department during he familiarization visit and hand it for marking, (50) April 2012 Group Assignment 2 In groups of 11, Using 3 different hotels in Zombie compare and contrast their operations in the following sections: Group A Reservations Group B Methods of establishing room rates Group C Front office operations Group D Security in the hotel.

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