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State your hypothesis (prediction) about the incident: Research (use the table below to record your research): Note: You must include the information below for AT LEAST THREE sources to receive full credit for this assignment. Site title http://w. NM. Resoluteness’s. Com/ URL or book publisher http://www. Resoluteness’s. Com/Roswell. HTML Who created the site FOMCL NM Inc Brief description In 1869 Van Smith purchased some land with a few bulldogs and named it Roswell after his dad.

Four years later Smith established a post office. In 1877 Smiths began developing the community. Later down the road during World War II, the Roswell Army Alarm Held was established south of Roswell to train bomber crews. SIX years later Roswell Army Alarm Field got Involved In a unidentified flying object northwest of Roswell. Science or pseudoscience pseudoscience Support or refute your hypothesis? I believe it was not aliens because it was a unidentified flying object north west of Roswell. They couldn’t tell weather it was a alien spaceship or Just a weather balloon.

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So there for there is no real proof that is was a spaceship. Http://YMMV. Violence. Org/ I could not find who made site Dan Willow and his wife were sitting on their front porch when they saw a bright saucer shaped object with glowing lights moving across they sky at 400-500 miles per hour. Willow estimated that the flying object was about 20-25 feet across. The object was coming from the Southeast and disappeared to the Northwest.. Science or pseudoscience I believe that if willow saw something in the sky and was going 400-500 MPH it loud be hard to tell how big it really was.

I also believe that if you could see lights glowing that it had to be getting dark or dark already so that leads me to believe that it was Just a plane even if it was Just a small one. Http://www. History. Com/topics/Roswell http://www. History. Com A Television Networks A sheep farmer was out checking on his sheep and came across some debris. Officials from the local Air Force base asserted that it was a crashed weather balloon, many people believed it was the remains of an flying saucer. 50 years after the U. S. Literary issued a report linking the incident to a top-secret atomic espionage project called Project Mogul. Science or pseudoscience pseudoscience I believe that it was really Just a weather balloon because threes no real proof that is was a spaceship. Science or pseudoscience Does your research support or refute your hypothesis? Please explain below: I believe that my research supports my hypothesis because there is no pictures or real proof besides people saying they saw a spaceship. I don’t think that people can be used to support it because that could have lied.

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