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Gate Garrett has tons of experience in politics which makes him highly qualified for writing this book. Garret was a senior editor and congressional correspondent for U. S. News and World Report and a congressional reporter for The Washington Times In the 1 sass before Joining Conn’s White House team In early 2000, and later moving to Fox in 2002 as a general assignment reporter. There, he covered the 2004 election, and served as the network’s congressional correspondent.

He has also been a White House correspondent for CNN, and an award-winning reporter across the country for Houston Post, Lass Vegas Review Journal, and Amarillo Globe-News. His articles have appeared in such magazines as The Weekly Standard, Washington Monthly, and Mother Jones. The other great author of this magnificent book is Timothy Penny. Penny was born November 19, 1951 in Minnesota. Penny attended Winnow State where he received a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1974.

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In 1982, Penny won the UDF nomination for the 1st, becoming only the third Democrat to ever represent this district. Penny was reelected in 1984 with 56 percent of the vote, becoming the first non-Republican to win reelection In the 1st since statehood. In 2000, Penny briefly considered running against Rod Grams for the Senate. Governor Jesse Ventura unsuccessfully tried to recruit him to run on the Reform Party ticket. Ventura later left the Reform Party for the Independence Party, and recruited Penny to run as his replacement.

Penny’s unsuccessful 2002 run for governor of Minnesota as the Independence Party candidate received 16% of the vote, despite polls indicating a dead heat between him, UDF candidate Roger Moe, and Republican candidate Tim Plenty less than a month before the election. Penny is currently the President of the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Law and Politics at the university of Minnesota Law School and is on the Board of Directors for the Energy Literacy Advocates. Penny also serves as vice chairman of the board of directors of which is a nonprofit U.

S. International development organization “The 15 Biggest Lies In Politics” Is a great political book that explains the different Lies about government, such as: tax cuts are good, social security is a sacred government government, and democrats are compassionate, spun by special-interest groups, parroted by politicians and spun by the media. Those are Just a few of the key topics discussed in the book. The Authors purpose of this book is to inform the American tizzies about the lies that are told to them (by the so called leaders mad interpreters) and what is really happening.

This book is relative to today’s government and society. The book was written in 2000 and the topics discussed in the book haven’t changed that much so I would say the book is relative. The biggest lesson I learned while reading this book is that in order to be successful in government and politics you must lie in order to get in office. The best thing about this book is that they go in to vast detail about every topic so that you get a clear understanding about the topic in the chapter. The worst thing about the book is that most of the topics in the book I already knew in detail.

It was really a big duh, but I Mould assume that the author didn’t think that the average citizen would know that. Rhea sources presented in the book are primary and secondary. I say that because it seems like the authors heard some of them information and the other information look as if it was researched or they knew from personal experience. I would say that the authors are non-biased and didn’t lean towards any particular ideology so I Mould say that the authors are balanced.

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