Watching Movies Is a Wasting of Time Assignment

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Watching movies is a wasting of time. Movies or motion pictures have been around ever since man first discovered and invented cameras, and, in fact, even before that, through animate cartoons. It is a form of entertainment that is extremely popular in the world at large, thanks to dedicated filmmakers, modern advanced CGI (Computer-Generated Image) and increase in well-trained actors. However, in my opinion, watching movies is a huge waste of time for several important reasons. First and foremost, there is no productivity value whatsoever in watching a movie.

While you watch a movie, all of your attention is focused on the movie with little room for any other action, save for eating and drinking. This is necessary if one wants to enjoy the full entertainment value of a movie, such as the plot, the special effects, and the visual ‘candy’, the performance of the actors or even just the actors themselves. As such, you spend 2 hours, maybe even 3, just sitting and storing at moving pictures on a screen, growing fat and healthy. Secondly, in order to make a movie interesting, many facts are twisted and exaggerated just to give viewers a sense of drama.

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This makes movies unrealistic and fantastical, but done skillfully; a filmmaker can make every possibility seem plausible. For example, Myth Busters have replicated a scene in the 2011 movie. The Green Hornet, where the heroes trapped in a buried car uses explosives to escape. In their experiments, they have proved that it is impossible to escape with that method, because instead of blowing a hole through the ground, the ground above the car caved in and crushed the test dolls. This warping of information can lead to disastrous consequences should any viewers attempt the stunts, or as the saying goes, ‘monkey see, monkey do’.

Movies can now be downloaded into personal computers aven through applications and utilities such as the Asia Live Video-On-Remand utility, which can be installed to one’s TV through a piece of hardware called the Asia Box. This has made watching movies a lot easier and therefore, makes it easier for people to waste more time. By offering unlimited choices of movies, the modern world has provided its inhabitants with more reasons to stay still and do nothing for extended periods of time.

That, and coupled with slow download speed, contribute to a generation of slackers and movie addicts. In the cinema, there is usually no refund when you get a ticket, moreover when you want to demand a refund after watching it. So what if a movie you have chosen turns out to be a big disappointment? Sadly, most movies nowadays cater to the wider public, which usually means that thay have minimal action and storylines fit for young children. For adults, the movies may be immensely boring and unsatisfactory.

Instead of going entertainment, one may end up more frustrated because of the plot of the story or the elements of a movie were not up to per one’s expectations and the worst part is, you have to either sit through the hours of mediocrity or leave or waste the money you spent on your movie ticket! Certain movies, most of the time, movies not common in cinemas, contain a lot of elements which are not suitable for children, and even adults themselves. Famous movies such Fast & Furious: Rio Heist, Kung Fu Panda, Twilight Saga and so on contain a lot of violence, characters that exerts bad influences in their words and actions.

These such movies portray a lot of violence, characters who smoke, wear skimpy outfits, shoot other people, mix freely without moral restraint, rebel against authority, use loud curses, the list goes on. And, as you can imagine, it is impossible not to find any of these things entertaining. These elements are absorbed by a part of our subconscious brain and as a result, influence us to deal with situations according to what we learn from movies. For example, if one is short of money, a movie like Robin Hood may influence him to steal. Thus, movies lead to the increase of crime in the community.

Some claim that you can learn new things from watching movies, but is that truly the case? Historical movies often have events altered or cut out completely perhaps even added, to make it more interesting. Even if you learn from the movie, the information is most likely false and you will gain it after 2 hours, compared to a few minutes of reading accurate facts in a book. Also, when watching foreign movies, such as famous Korean or Japanese movies, we will not be able to understand anything unless the movie contains subtitles or one has already education in the language.

Even so, you will most likely be able to pick up only a handful of foreign words after 2 hours. In conclusion, watching movies is a waste of time and should not become a consuming hobby. It has more disadvantages and disadvantages and can even lead to moral decline in the worldwide community. Therefore, I believe that one’s time should be spent on more productive and hands-on activities rather than set aside hours just to sit and stare at a screen. Remember, time is money ??? and one should value it as much as possible.

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