Children Watching Too Much TV Assignment

Children Watching Too Much TV Assignment Words: 386

“Children watching too much television” Cartoon, drama, variety shows are all attractive with children. That is why children are more and more addicted to television.

We cannot deny the beneficial aspects of television which bring the whole world into a small box. However, children these days watch far too much television and the consequences of this are just overwhelming. The first reason why children should not watch too much television is because watching too much television can cause many health problems. When children sit on sofa and eat snacks without acting they can suffer from obesity. Moreover, scientists proved that people watching too much television are easy to suffer from heart attack than others.

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The most common diseases that children can have when they watch too much television are eyesight problems because their eyes must work continuously for many hours without relaxing. The second consequences of watching too much television is children can be affected by unsuitable programs on television. Nowadays, the content of many television programs are not educational. Children can see scenes of violence, sex, drugs on television. So they will think that money can solve any problems, violence is the only way to stop arguments, wars is obviously…

All these wrong concepts have already in children’s mind when they grow up. As a result, it leads to aggressive or negative behaviors. Low grades are also the negative effects of watching too much television. Children are addicted on television and don’t accomplish their homework. They use time to join in beneficial activities like studying, reading, interacting with other people, playing sports to watch television. They even sit all night just gazing into television. This leads to least amount of sleeping. Obviously, they will sleep in class instead of concentrating on the lessons.

Therefore, getting good marks is impossible. Children will have low grades and low expectation in future. Television is one of the most importing inventions that have a great contribution to society. And if we don’t let the negative consequences of watching too much television are overwhelming, we can get a lot of benefits from it. Parents can prevent their kids from watching too much television by monitor what their kids watch and adjust the amount of time they watch. Watching too much television is never a good thing to do. Words count: 379

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