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After taking several opportunities to study the different images provided in the assignment, I came to the realization that I didn’t fully understand what my writing process consisted of. When I look at the actual “writing” that I have done over the course of the last several years, it mainly contains Backbone status updates, letters to teachers, emails, blob posts, and product reviews for several online marketing companies. I haven’t written essays, Journal entries or any kind of “story’ in a very long time.

Considering my recent writings, and the atmosphere in which they were Ritter, I finally decided that my current writing process most closely resembles the image of the tornado. When I am writing, I take all of the words and thoughts that are in my head at the moment, and then proceed to type them out as they come. I don’t preplanned, I don’t write drafts, and I usually don’t stop and put much extra thought into what I am writing. As far as revision, I always check for spelling or grammatical errors, but rarely need to do an actual edit for those. Atmosphere and surroundings also played a huge part in my choice of the tornado image.

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At the moment, there is noise all around me. A barking dog, two children on the front porch playing Jump rope, one child singing to himself while playing with the honey (yes, the honey… ), one child typing away on a laptop, one child testing away on a cell phone, and of course the TV playing Music Choice. The only reason I am able to write this essay at the moment is because the youngest of these children is currently taking her first nap of the day! Life is a little chaotic at our home, because six of our eight children (ages 1-22) still live at home. I am taking a big leap by starting college this

Fall, but hoping that I will find a way to deal with the noise at times, while also fitting in scheduled alone time! One advantage to writing like a tornado is that I usually end up making sense, because I write quickly, without waiting so long I forget details. A definite disadvantage is that I usually don’t have the time to spend the extra few moments sprucing up the writing with “little details” or more descriptive words. Is there a better way for me to write? I am sure there is. I Just need to find it, hold onto it, and go with it. When looking back on the images in the presentation, one really Todd out for me.

The image of the river with its background of a waterfall really made me stop and think. I can imagine the waterfall being a brainstorm of ideas, just waiting to flow out. Once they rushed out into the river, they calmed down and started to make sense. As the writing process would evolve, I can see how the rocks would be the “filter” for the content, weeding out the problems and leaving a nice, clean palette of written words. My hope is that my writing will develop into this kind of process, leaving the storms and heavy winds of disturbance behind! My Writing Style By Meliorations 974

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