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My Reflection Paper Before this assessment I pretty much thought myself as a healthy person without any need for a Change but from this assessment I realized there are still some of my habits I need to change in order for me to be healthy. These habits include my exercising schedule, sleeping and my everyday nutrition and fiber intake. From this assignment I came to realize that my daily fiber and whole grain intake is very low ND my high fructose corn syrup drinks consumption is quite high which may be the main cause of my slight overweight.

This assignment is important to me because it gives me an overall analysis of my metabolism and what things I need to improve in order for me to maintain a healthy diet and fiber content. Other than that I need to pass this course with an A if possible so this assignment is important for me in an intellectual point of view. According to the health chart I need to improve in my daily ruts vegetables intake and also need to work on maintaining a steady workout schedule.

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Thankfully, I do not smoke so that goes in my favor and that made me feel proud of myself. But, sometimes all this could be hard to achieve as I have a very hectic schedule. I work and go to school which consumes my whole day and by the time I get home I am way too exhausted to go to gym. So I go swimming every night after work as I find it very relaxing and it gives me a good workout.

I listen to daybooks while I am tired from work and school while doing my workout in gym, this helps me keep my mind off of all the tiredness and stressed related to both work and school and helps me concentrate better the next day. I try to make workout as fun as I can. After realizing my needed fiber content I will also try to eat in a timely manner and eat as many whole grain products I can. I will also make sure I eat fish products at least twice a week.

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